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Woody Allen Net Worth

Woody Allen net worth is $70 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 1 December, 1935 (Age: 80)

Nationality: American

Religion: Agnostic

Woody Allen Net Worth

Woody Allen

Allan Stewart Konigsberg, internationally known as Woody Allen, has an interesting fate. He was born in Brooklyn, NY in the family of a jeweler and accountant. The boy got interested in movie making since childhood and told that he was going to become a filmmaker. He changed his name to “Woody” officially at the age of 17. The fellow thought, it would be easier to make career in cinema world under such a name.

Woody started his career as a standup comedian and screen writer. He earned his living as an actor too.

Woody Allen became internationally popular due to such hit comedies as “Love and Death”, “Manhattan”, “Zelig” and others.

Woody Allen Net Worth

Woody Allen

The first part of his net worth Woody Allen earned as a comedian filmmaker. Later he decided to start directing more serious movies and it was his mistake as most of them were box office flops.

Nevertheless actor and film director Woody Allen can boast with $70 million net worth.

He is married Soon-Yi Previn. Their relationship was connected with a sex scandal. Soon-Yi was an adopted daughter of Woody’s ex-girlfriend, Mia Farrow. Later Mia accused Woody to have sex with her teen daughter. But she had no proofs.

Woody Allen Net Worth

Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen

Woody Allen has a son, Ronan Farrow.

He spends his net worth for his wife, his son and himself. By the way, the filmmaker is not the lover of luxury and gets just the most necessary things.

How Much Is Woody Allen Worth or Woody Allen Salary

Woody Allen is in his middle ages already, that’s why he is not so active in his career making. He makes approximately one movie per year or even per two years and the movies are not always extremely successful.

Woody Allen Net Worth

Woody Allen

In 2015 he earned about $5 million. Most part of that amount an actor and film director got for his film “Irrational Man” and TV show guest appearances.

Woody Allen Salary per Movie

Woody Allen is Oscar winning film director. He is the holder of one Academy Award and he is three times nominee for this prestigious award. It gives him the right to charge his directing of any movie for $2-3 million dollars each.

Here are some of his movies and his salary per them:

  1. Paris Manhattan – $1, 6 million

    Woody Allen Net Worth

    Woody Allen Paris Manhattan

  2. To Rome with Love – $2, 1 million

    Woody Allen Net Worth

    Woody Allen To Rome with Love

  3. Fading Gigolo – $2, 8 million

    Woody Allen Net Worth

    Woody Allen Fading Gigolo

  4. Magic in the Moonlight – $3, 5 million

    Woody Allen Net Worth

    Woody Allen Magic in the Moonlight

The star, whose career has been lasting for 6 decades already, spends his money wisely.

Woody Allen Houses

  1. Manhattan town house – $23 million

    Woody Allen home

    Woody Allen Manhattan town house

Woody Allen Car

It is not known, what car Woody Allen drives. But it is known exactly, that he lives together with his young wife in a luxurious house in New York. They like to spend their free time together at home.

Woody Allen house

Woody Allen Manhattan town house

Most part of Woody Allen fans think, his best movies have already been made. But who knows, probably, he will make us wonder soon with a new hit.

Woody Allen house

Woody Allen Manhattan town house

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