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Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Wiz Khalifa net worth is $36 million

Date of Birth: September 8, 1987Wiz Khalifa

Nationality: American

Religion: Muslim

 It is hard to call this man “a sample for others”. He was arrested for using drugs twice and once even committed public urination act. But he managed to get that solid net worth due to his talent – and there’s nothing to add. Biography Wiz Khalifa is quite ordinary. He got interested in music since childhood and decided to devote his life to it.

Wiz Khalifa Biography

Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born in 1987, on the 8th of September. His parents served in an army and they had to move a lot. Small Cameron had to travel from Germany to Japan and then to United Kingdom. When the boy was just 3, his parents separated and that’s why he was brought up by a single mother and his grandfather, who used to be Muslim. It was he, who introduced the boy to this faith. He called little Cameron “Wisdom” as the boy was very smart from the earliest years. It was the secret of Cameron’s moniker. When he started to perform on the stage, he called himself “Khalifa” that means “success” and “Wiz” that is a short form of “Wisdom”.

Finally his mother retired from military service and they settled in Pittsburgh. There the boy attended local high school and started to make his first mixtapes. After graduation from school Wiz decided to start career of a musician. Gradually his mixtapes became popular in his city and even outside it. Wiz Khalifa decided to release his first album. Soon he made “Show and Prove” that was highly praised by music critics. The young talented rapper was noticed. He was claimed “one of the best” by VIBE and Rolling Stone Magazine. After that he was offered to make a deal with Warner Bros.
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa music, created in gangsta rap style with the elements of pop music and eurodance, made him popular not just in USA but all over the world. The main single from his first album, named “Say Yeah” occupied positions in various charts, although it was not ranked No 1, still the song was in the list of the most popular compositions of that year.

Wiz Khalifa was not satisfied with his cooperation with Warner Bros, so he left this company and signed the deal with another one, named “Atlantic Records”. In 2009 he released his next album “Deal or No Deal”. The most popular song from this album is “Teach U to Fly”.

The next year – 2010 – became one of the most successful in his career. He released his street album “Kush and Orange Juice”, became No 1 celebrity on Twitter and released one of most popular Wiz Khalifa songs named “Black and Yellow”.

Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow

In 2013 Wiz Khalifa released the song, devoted to the late Paul Walker. It was called “See You Again”. Later he recorded soundtrack to the franchise “Fast and Furious”. Wiz Khalifa got popular and rich. Now he is a millionaire and the fans want to know everything about him. Wiz Khalifa – how tall is he? Or how much he makes per hour? He is 1.93 m and his earnings are impressive too!
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Salary

Per year: $11 million

Per month: $917,000

Per week: $230,000

Per day: $32,740

The rapper tells, he spends about $10,000 monthly. As you see, Wiz Khalifa earns much more than he spends per month, that’s why his net worth grows constantly.
Wiz Khalifa

The main source of his income is his music career. Some part of that amount Wiz Khalifa gets for the selling of his albums. Thus, he sells copies of his albums for about $2 million annually. Then he gets $3 million from concert ticket selling. About $1 million he gets from endorsement deals and the rest of the amount Wiz Khalifa earns from YouTube chips. Although the annual salary of the rapper is much more than the average American gets, his net worth is not so high in comparison with other rappers in USA like Dr Dre or Nicki Minaj.

Wiz Khalifa Personal Life

Personal life of Wiz Khalifa is hard to call “calm”. He was caught by police smoking marijuana twice. Wiz Kalifa weed, that he smoked just staying at the red carpet, was photographed by paparazzi. Thus the fans knew about his little hobby.

He was married once. His wife was Amber Rose, a model. They married in 2013 but their family broke up soon. They split in 2014 and filed for the divorce. The couple has one son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. He lives with his mother. And Wiz Khalifa lives in his own big house.

Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Houses

The net worth of Wiz Khalifa allows him to get really expensive things and property. He is the owner of a house in Pennsylvania. He also has a car.

  1. Pennsylvania home – $900,000

The home is really big. It is situated in a wooden area. There are two houses on the territory – the big mansion and the small guest house.

Wiz Khalifa house

Wiz Khalifa Pennsylvania home

The mansion has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a big eco-friendly kitchen. The house is located just 25 miles away from the native town of Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa house Wiz Khalifa house

Wiz Khalifa Cars

Dodge Challenger SRT 8 – $31,800

The owner of black great Dodge is proud of his vehicle. It has climate control and keyless start.
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is just 26 and he can achieve even more in his life.

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