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U2 Net Worth

U2 net worth is $838 million.

U2 Net Worth

Formed: 1976

Origin: Dublin (Ireland)

Religion of members: Christian


The band U2 is not only the sample of financial success; it is also the sample of friendship. Four members of this cult band started to cooperate in their teens. Till now they remain colleagues and friends. Each member of the band earned millions during the career in music.

The group was formed in Dublin in 1976. Then it was called “Feedback”. The teenager Larry Mullen, Jr decided to create his own band. He wrote and advertisement and hang in on the school board. Thus he got acquainted with three other boys – Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson (later he was called Bono and became a millionaire. You can read here about Bono), Dave Evans (nicknamed the Edge).

They started to play music. Mullen himself played drums, Newson was a frontman, Clayton played bass-guitar and Evans played guitar. The teenagers spent their free time, making music. They gathered every weekend and played various songs. Sometimes they wrote their own songs. In 18 months they changed their name for “The Hype”.

One day the members of the group heard, that a talent show was arranged in Limerick. They took part in the show and it was their first success. Talented boys were noticed by famous producers. They changed their name the last time for “U2” and won the show. For their glorious victory young musician got a prize of £500 and some studio time. Thus they recorded their first single.
U2 Net Worth

In 1978 they met their manager, who was called “the fifth member of the group”, with whom they have been working during 34 years. In 2013 they changed their manager for Guy Oseary, who was also managing Madonna.

U2 Income

The group was popular since the 80s of the former century and till now. During their long career in music they had very successful and not successful financial years. Here are the most high-paid years of the band.

1987 – $35 million
U2 members earned this impressive amount of money for their “The Joshua Tree Tour”. This year they became one of the most popular rock bands in the world. Mostly, they earned their living by selling tickets for their concerts. Some part of that income was made from disk selling.
U2 Net Worth The Joshua Tree Tour

1992 – $67 million
The band became popular all over the world and that’s why they increased prices for their concerts. In spite of this fact their “Zoo TV tour” was popular and made them richer.
U2 Net Worth Zoo TV tour

2008 – $100 million
This year became one of the most successful in the career of the Irish band. They signed the contract with “Live Nation” for that amount.

2011 – $195 million
This year remains the most successful in career of U2. During this year they have made their tour called “360”. This tour became even more popular than the tour of cult Rolling Stones in 2005. They played their music to more than 7 million of people all over the world. This year made U2 band members net worth increase rapidly. The members of this band became the richest musicians in the world. Bono U2 net worth became so high, that he was included by “Forbes” in the list of the most high-paid celebrities.
U2 Net Worth 360 tour

2013 – $78 million
U2 net worth 2013 was a little lower than in 2011. Their big tour was over, but still they keep playing music in Great Britain, USA and other countries and make money for this.

The members of the band make much more money by their touring than by selling albums. But still U2 songs also bring the members of the group 1-2 million annually.

U2 Albums

The band U2 was formed in 1976. From that year the members of the group were productive enough. They released 13 albums in general and each of them was successful to some extent. The fans that attended the concerts of the band 30 years ago till now remain faithful lovers of U2. The songs of the group are interested to young people as well, that’s why the salary of U2 members is so impressive. Although all 13 albums of the band are worth listening, there are some of them they helped the group members become millionaires. Here they are!

1. The Joshua Tree
This album was released in 1987 and till now it remains one of the best from U2. It consisted of such hits as “Every Breath You Take”, “With You or Without You” and others. The album is sold till now, making the members of the band richer and richer. The price for vinyl of this album starts from $35.

2. Rattle & Hum
The album appeared in 1988. It was not the best one among the albums of U2 but still the disks of the band were sold rapidly. Probably, people liked this album for the romantic ballad “All I Want is You”. The vinyl cost $30.

U2 All I Want is You

4. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
The album was released in 2011. It became popular and was sold for a really high price. At the same time the fans of the group noticed the fact that Bono, who also became the author of the songs, made other members of the band too unnoticeable. His strong voice became too loud and thus it made all the others too silent. Still the price for vinyl is $50.

5. Songs of Innocence
It is the last album of the band, released in 2014. The price per vinyl is $38. The album proved one more time, that the members of the group still make great music!

U2 Awards
U2 Net Worth

The rock band became a phenomenon in musical world. They won 22 Grammy Awards during their career. It is more than any other band! The members of U2 keep high level of their incomes and remain the cult band till the present days!

U2’s Bono And The Edge: Exclusive Interview

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