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Tiesto Net Worth

DJ Tiesto net worth is $75 million

Tiesto Net Worth


Date of Birth: January 17, 1969

Nationality: Dutch

Religion: atheist


His real name is Tijs Michiel Verwest. He was born on a cold winter evening in 1969. The boy was the fourth child in the poor Dutch family. The future star was born in Breda (the Netherlands). He was an ordinary boy, and as he tells in his interviews, he had never felt he was unique or extremely talented. He didn’t suppose to become a millionaire.

The boy was 4, when his parents got divorced. They lived from hand to mouth and that’s why Tijs had to work from the very childhood. He worked in a small video shop nearby every evening. The boy was a very smart pupil and learnt quite well. Besides he was crazy of music and dreamed to create his own mixes.

Tiesto Salary

Annual: $22 million
Monthly: $1,9 million
Weekly: $450,000
Per Show: $250,000

Tiesto DJ earns his living playing electronic dance music, or EDM. He also earns as a producer. DJ Tiesto is one of the richest musicians in the world. He was the first one in the world, who played the studio concert. It was in 2003. Then dj-s played in night clubs or at private parties but they didn’t play in front of the large audience. He was the first, who did, and it was one of his achievements.

From 2002 to 2004 he was chosen as the best dj of the year. He was also the first dj, who played at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

All these achievements gave DJ Tiesto an opportunity to cell his disks for really high prices and get millions from selling of his albums. He became one of the richest dj-s in the world.
Tiesto Net Worth

Tiesto Albums

Tiesto songs are popular among the lovers of electronics dance music. He released plenty of albums. Here are the most successful of them that were called gold or platinum.

Elements of Life – $37 per CD
It is the third studio album of DJ Tiesto. It was released in 2007. The album is the mix of trans and rock music. More than 72,000 of copies of this album were sold, $30 per each. This disk made DJ Tiesto a very rich person.

Tiesto elements of Life

In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza -$51
Tiesto created this album during summer, 2007 after two week vacation at Ibiza. He didn’t use computer or other gadgets, when created tracks for this album. He liked the process of work very much and thus created a successful vinyl.

In Search of Sunrise 5: Los Angelos -$30
DJ Tiesto spent a weekend at Los Angeles with his friend in February, 2006. It inspired him to create album that became platinum. More than 50,000 copies of the album were sold $51 each.

A Town Called Paradise – $50
The album became popular. Also it got contradictory reviews from critics. They said, DJ Tiesto was influenced by pop music too much and that’s why his album became softer, full of guitar and piano music. Still the work of DJ Tiesto remains the best one.
Tiesto Net Worth A Town Called Paradise

DJ Tiesto Awards

DJ Tiesto was awarded numerous for his songs and albums. DJ Tiesto was nominated for Grammy several times and in 2015 he finally got this award. He was awarded for Best Remix Recording. The musician was really impressed, when he has got his first Grammy and told a warm speech in front of the big audience.
Being the richest DJ in the world, Tiesto has enough money to buy beautiful things like expensive cars and big houses.

DJ Tiesto Houses

They say, DJ Tiesto has 3 mansions in Amsterdam. One of them is the favorite residence of the star.

Amsterdam mansion – $1, 550, 000
DJ Tiesto used to be poor, when he was a child. No wonder, that now he owns several luxurious houses in Amsterdam. The star tells, he still can’t believe that he is rich and every time he sees his great house, he feels astonishment.
Tiesto Net Worth house in Amsterdam

The house of DJ Tiesto has three floors. They are full of luxurious furniture. There’s a fireplace in one of the rooms. The other room is supposed for relax and entertaining. There’s a pool table there.

In general the house has several bedrooms and many bathrooms. There’s a terrace on the roof of the house. When the musician is out for work, the house can be rented for $5,000 per month.
Tiesto Net Worth house in Amsterdam

DJ Tiesto is single, so his house is not a family net. In 2008 he dated Stacey Blokzijl and they even were going to marry, but later DJ Tiesto cancelled the engagement due to his busy schedule. The star is alone now. He has strong connection with his mother, but now he couldn’t find another woman to create his own family.

DJ Tiesto Cars

Honda Redefines – $19,475
DB9 – $185000
Tiesto Net Worth car
The star is very busy with his work. He works all the time, making his new songs and playing concerts all over the world. In fact, he is crazy of his work and it is the only passion in his life. He isn’t fond of big houses or luxurious cars. It seems that the richest DJ in the world isn’t interested in getting new expensive things. His car is not the most luxurious one or the most expensive one. Honda Redefines is a comfortable small car, that is good enough, but a man with the net worth of $75 million could get something more luxurious!

DJ Tiesto remains one of the most talented musicians in the world. He is a self-made man, who deserves his money and glory!

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