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Steven Spielberg Net Worth

Steven Spielberg net worth is $ 3.6 billion.

Steven Spielberg Net WorthDate of Birth: December 18, 1946

Nationality: Jewish

Religion: Judaism

Jewish ability to survive and typical American optimism helped Steven Spielberg to earn such a big net worth. But a solid income is nothing in compassion with worldwide fame he has got. Steven Spielberg is one of the most influential film makers of the 20th and 21st centuries. How did he manage to make such an impressive career?

Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) in December, 1946. Although he was brought up in USA, his nationality is Jewish and he is proud of his roots. Steven’s father is Arnold Spielberg. He used to be an electrical engineer. His mother is Leah Adler (Spielberg). She worked as a concert pianist. Steven Spielberg has four younger sisters. From the very childhood he was the witness of the conflicts among his parents. Arnold Spielberg was a workaholic and that’s why his wife and children saw him very seldom. When Steven Spielberg was 19, his parents divorced. Steven blamed his father for the divorce, but later he knew that it was his mother, who had been responsible for family split. In any case, the topic of divorce, parents’ conflicts and parents’ alienation was present in the most part of his films.

Steven Spielberg used to be a talented boy from the very childhood. He was called “the child prodigy”, but not for his successful studying at school. The grades of the boy were very poor, but he impressed his friends and teachers by homemade films he used to shoot. When the boy was 12, he created his first film with primitive special effects. When Steven was 16, he made two-hour science fiction movie. His father hired a local movie theater to show the film of his son. Thus Steven has earned his first money on film making. He had $500 of pure income. The film was called “Firelight”.

Later Steven Spielberg entered California State College. He graduated from there in 1970 with bachelor degree in Arts.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

His first professional film was called “Amblin”. Now he owns the film making company with the same name. For that movie he got two awards and the seven year contract with Universal Studios. Thus his way to stardom began.

Steven Spielberg Salary

Per Year: $100 million
Per Month: $8, 3 million
Per Week: $2 million
Per Day: $400,000

Steven Spielberg Net Worth from 2002 to 2015

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Although Steven Spielberg’s salary looks really impressive, there’s no reason to be jealous. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is considered as a self made man.

Most part of his annual income he gets from the movies he makes. Some of his salary he gets from his own producing company “Amblin”. Billionaire Steven Spielberg earns his money like a screenwriter too. Besides sometimes he designs computer games and remains really successful entrepreneur.

Steven Spielberg gets some money from his TV shows as well. Thus, he stays behind popular show on NBC called “Smash”. He also has a deal with Disney Studio. It is quite hard to define exactly, how much Steven Spielberg gets for each his movie. His earnings start from $100 million per film. For the most successful projects he got $450 million.

Steven Spielberg Movies

The first film that has made Steven Spielberg famous all over the world was called “Jaws”. Later his financial success increased gradually from year to year. The most successful films of Steven Spielberg are the following.

1. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – $1, 5 million
The story about the adventurer Indiana Jones, hired by U.S. government, made Steven Spielberg $1, 5 million richer. It was just the beginning, later he shot some stories about this hero.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

2. “War Horse” – $20 million
The film seems to be quite childish but only at first glance. There’s no main hero in this story – it seems, that all the heroes of this story are the main. The film makes the people smile with some jokes, but it makes crying too. The strong work of a talented film director – nothing to add!
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

3. “Jurassic Park” – $250 million
It was a real success of the film director. He created great image in his movie that looked realistic and fantastic at the same time. He tried to show in “Jurassic Park” that playing tricks with the god can be dangerous. The film had two more sequels and it was unarguable creative and financial success of the film director.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

4. E.T. – $435 million
The story about a troubled child and the alien was shot in 1982 and became one f the most successful movies of Steven Spielberg.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

5. “Schindler’s List” – refused from income.
The film could bring more than $150 million of pure income to Steven Spielberg, but he refused to get it. The topic of Holocaust is very personal to the film director. He told, it would be “blood money”, so he sent his salary per film and all future incomes from this movie to the charity organization.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

He also has got $40 million for the film “Star Wars’ that he didn’t shoot. He bet with George Lucas, that his movie “Star Wars” would become the most successful of the year. Thus, till now he gets percentage from the movie of another film maker.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth

The list of Steven Spielberg movies can be enumerated for ages. In general he has made 27 successful films that brought many awards to him!

Steven Spielberg Awards

Steven Spielberg can boast with a long list of awards. Thus, he is the owner of several Oscars, several Golden Globes, BAFTA TV awards etc.
Steven Spielberg Net Worth award

Steven is known not just the person, who gets Oscars, but also as the person, who gives them back. Thus he returned 2 statuettes of Oscars to the Academy, because he wanted them to be kept for film history.

Steven Spielberg House

Steven Spielberg had to witness the divorce of his parents. But he has been living with one and the same woman for 20 years already. His spouse is actress Kate Capshaw. They have six children together. Steven also has a son from the previous marriage.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth house
The Speilbergs live in the great house in Pacific Palisades (California) that costs $20 million. Steven Spielberg also owns apartment in San Remo ($24 million) and house in Brentwood, Hollywood California ($20 million).

Steven Spielberg Net Worth house
Steven Spielberg Net Worth house

Steven Spielberg Yacht and Cars

Steven Spielberg wealth gives him an opportunity to get the most expensive cars. He is also the owner of the yacht.
He paid for Aston Martin DB9 Volante $200, 000. But it is nothing in comparison with the amount he had spent for his yacht. The great Oceanco Seven Seas super-yacht of the legendary film maker costs $200 million. There’s a bathroom, entertaining room, dining room and even the swimming pool on the board of the yacht.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth car
Steven Spielberg Net Worth car Steven Spielberg Net Worth

Steven Spielberg has earned billion dollars during his career. He came from a middle-class family that was not rich, so he can be considered as completely self made man.

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