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Steve Williams Net Worth

Steve Williams (caddy) net worth is $20 million.

Steve Williams Net Worth
Date of Birth:
December 29, 1963

Nationality: New Zealander

Religion: Christian

Steve Williams net worth is not as big as other celebrities have. At the same time, his job is not considered as prestigious and very complicated. That’s why Steve Williams can be proud of his career. Not every caddy managed to become a millionaire at the end of his career.

Steve Williams was born in 1963 at the end of December. His parents lived in Wellington (New Zealand). The boy’s father was interested in golf playing and that’s why he took the child with him to the golf club at weekends. The boy tried playing golf several times, but he wasn’t interested. At the same time the work of caddy attracted his attention. Thus Steve Williams started to earn as caddy when he was just 6.

His first career success the boy met in 1976. Then his father took him for championship New Zealand Open, where he helped Peter Thompson, a famous golf player from Australia. Thompson was so fond of a smart boy, that he invited him to Australia to work as a caddy. Steve Williams was busy at school that period, that’s why he had to refuse. He worked as a caddy during his holidays. When Steve graduated from school, he left his parents’ house and went to Europe. There he made great career, working as a caddy for famous golf players. During 13 years he served as a caddy for Tiger Woods.
Steve Williams Net Worth

Steve Williams Salary

Per Year: $918,000
Per Month: $76,500
Per Week: $19,125
Per Day: $2732
The salary of a caddy depends on the earnings of the golf player he serves. The caddy is the person, who helps the golf player to win. He carries his bags and balls and besides helps the sportsmen with the general strategy of the game.
Steve Williams Net Worth

Steve Williams was a very talented caddy, that’s why Tiger Woods managed to earn millions with his support. The caddy usually works for 10% of earnings of the golf player. In case of Steve Williams, he has caught “a goldtn fish”. Tiger Woods was extremely successful golf player. He paid his caddy 15% from his earnings. Tiger Woods earned millions, so his caddy also had enough money after the matches.

Steve Williams and Tiger Woods worked together from 1999 to 2011. Then the famous golf played fired his caddy. It is not known exactly, what was the reason of such decision. Later Tiger Woods told that “it was the time to make a change”.
Steve Williams Net Worth

After the long partnership with Tiger Woods, Steve Williams had found another talented golf player. Now he serves for Adam Scott, a talented golf player from Australia. Steve Williams started his career with Australian Thompson, so he feels very excited to work with another golf player from Australia. In fact their partnership was useful for Adam Scott as he managed to win the Masters for the first time. In his interviews Steve Williams says, that he considers the victories of his golf players to be his victories to some extent too. During his work with Tiger Woods, Steve managed to earn $12 million.

Steve Williams Book

Steve Williams has no awards. In fact, all his awards were given to the golf players he helped. But Steve Williams knows about golf everything, so he decided to write a book about it. It is called “Golf at the Top with Steve Williams”. There the author shared his secrets of golf playing and told, how to understand, if the reader has any potential as a golf player or not. The book was published in 2005 and thus some millions were added to the bank account of Steve Williams.
Steve Williams Net Worth

Being a very rich person, Steve Williams doesn’t forget about other people, who were not so lucky in their career making. He spends a lot of money for charity. Most part of his money he spends for young golf players. Thus he tries to support new stars of golf.

Steve William Achievements

Steve Williams is not alone. He has a wife and 9 year old son. In 2014 he planned to retire, but Adam Scott, his employer, persuaded him to keep working. Steve Williams plans to continue his cooperation with Adam Scott. He also has some other offers from golf players. But the caddy tells, he wants to investigate some other opportunities.
Steve Williams Net Worth Steve Williams was called by “Forbes” one of the most high-paid caddies. In his interview he always tells about the importance of caddy’s work. Thus after the game the victory belongs to the sportsman, but it would be impossible without the talented support of caddy. Steve tells that if the duties of caddy were just to carry the bag, then the golf player would hire a local person for that. But usually the golf players sign the contract with one caddy and carry him all over the world. Steve tells, every golf player has mistakes. The task of the caddy is to see them and correct in time. Till now Steve Williams is shocked by the decision of Tiger Woods to fire him. He told, they were not just colleagues, they were friends, and that’s why his feelings were hurt. At the same time Steve Williams holds no evil as for his former employer and even would agree to work as a caddy for him for part time.
Steve Williams Net Worth

Steve Williams has made a great career as a caddy. He has earned $20 million that is the proof of his awesome and professional work!

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