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Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Net Worth is $400 million

Stephen King Net WorthDate of birth: September 21, 1947

Nationality: American

Religion: Methodist

Stephen King is an American author who net worth is $400 million. Stephen King books worth money which he earns. He has sold more than 350 million copies. They are known all over the world. He is known as a writer and screenwriter of horror, suspense, fantasy and the gothic novels. King has published a great number of books. A lot of them have been filmed, such as, “It”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Misery”, “Stand by Me”, “Carrie” and “The Shining”. Due to his great talent and hard work he has won over 50 different literary awards.

Portland, Maine is a place of Stephen King’s birth. He spent his childhood with mother and adopted brother because his father had left the family. The family moved to Maine.

Stephen attended Durham Elementary and Lisbon Falls High School. He graduated the University of Maine. While he was studying in college, he wrote for the school newspaper. The first story which he had sold was The Glass Floor (1967). King also worked at Hampten Academy. He was a teacher.

In 1971 Stephen married his wife whom he had met at the campus library. Their matrimony has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Stephen King Salary

Per year: $17 million

Per month: $1,4 million

Per week: $340, 000

Per day: $68, 000

Stephen King wealth is his writing skills and creative nature. He gets incomes from written books and their sale. He also plays roles in films (The Stand, Pet Cemetary, Rose Red, The Shining, Sleepwalkers), work as columnist, film director and TV producer. Some his books have been made into films, such as, The Stand, The Langoliers, The Mist, Stand by Me and so on.

Many of Stephen King’s books have been adapted for television, films, and even comic books. He’s a very talented writer! Value of Stephen King books is incredible! Looking to his great work it is rather interesting to know their number. So, how many books has Stephen King written? Stephen King is an author of 54 novels, 6 non-fiction books, 200 short stories. They are sold all over the world and just imagine that he had sold 350 million copies of his novels! It would be very interesting if Stephen King bio will be written in genre he works with. Who knows…?
Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Books Worth Money

He sold his story The Glass Floor for just $35 in 1967. In 1996 he received $1,500,000 for the rights to the novel Rose Madder. His career best earnings were $45 million in 2008, because he earned $17 Million in 2014 and $20 million in2013. His 1st novel was Carrie for which he got $2,500 and later earned $400,000 through paperback rights from publishing house Doubleday. Average price of his book is $7-$9!
Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Awards

Stephen King worth is determined by his numerous awards. He has 50 literary awards, among them the most notable like Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award,

Bram Stoker Award, Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters and National Medal of Arts.
Stephen King Net Worth
Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Home

Bangor house – $1,189 million.

It was built in 1858 for the sum of $7,000. It is expensive-looking of 4,952 square feet with net, spiders and bets on the gate. Stephen King house is red with white trim and towering. It has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, indoor swimming-pool, 3-car garage.

Stephen King and his wife have own offices. She works on the first floor of the cylindrical tower of the Stephen King House and he works in the rear, above the swimming pool dressing rooms.

Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Net Worth
Stephen King Net Worth
Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Cars

Stephen King is known like a writer who uses cars in his literary creations like murders! One of his most famous and favourite cars is Christina (Plymouth Fury 1958). It is well seen that he likes classic cars.

Once, 16 years ago, he had an accident where a van knocked him down like appeared from the author’s novel to hurt its creator, but fortunately Stephen recovered! Such unique and cool writers should create forever!
Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen King Answers Questions – AWESOME!

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