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Sophie Turner Net Worth

Sophie Turner net worth is $5 million.

Date of Birth: 21 February, 1996Sophie Turner

Nationality: English

Religion: Non Religious

Sophie Turner is just 19, but she had already earned a net worth. Mostly, she managed to make such a solid amount of money due to her role in “Games of Thrones”. Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) is the main character in her filmography now. But the young actress managed to act in three other movies as well. Sophie Turner actress has a real chance to become one of the best actresses of her age group.

Sophie Turner Biography

Sophie Turner was born in 1996, on the 21st of February. The girl spent her early years in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. When she was two, her two brothers, parents and she moved to Chesterton. There the girl attended Warwick Prep School and as she grew up, she entered King’s High School for Girls.

The girl was extremely pretty from the earliest years. She started acting from 2 years old. The future star was a member of Playbox Theatre Company since childhood.

She studied drama at school and her drama teacher advised the girl to go for audition to “Games of Thrones”. She visited the casting, but it was a kind of entertainment for her. The girl was shocked, when on her 13th birthday her mother woke her up with the words “Good Morning, Sansa!”
Sophie Turner

Sophia’s family met the news about their daughter’s new occupation with enthusiasm. Her mother fired from work (she was a nursery teacher) in order to support her daughter during the acting in the TV series. Sophie Turner Sansa is her main role for now! She grew up with her character and that’s why the heroine has become the part of an actress’s soul. “You are exactly like Sansa” her colleagues used to tell.

Sophie Turner has found a real friend on the film set. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams (her onscreen sister) are the best friends. The earnings of the young actress are another reason, why she likes her heroine Sansa so much!
Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Salary

Per year: $1, 2 million

Per month: $100, 000

Per week: $25, 000

Per day: $3, 571

To earn $1, 2 million per year is a great amount of money, especially for a girl of 19 years old. But Sophie Turner works hard to get her money. She changed the color of her hair for the role of Sansa (Sophie is naturally blond). Besides she had to hire a tutor, who helped the girl to cope with school program, while she was busy with her acting. Thus the girl finished her school, without attending it. She sent her homework to her teachers by net.

Sophie Turner Sophie Turner

So, how much does the actress get per her movies?

  1. Games of Thrones – $55, 000 per episode
  2. The Thirteenth Tale – $200, 000
  3. Barely Lethal – $250, 000

    Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner in The Thirteenth Tale

Sophie Turner earns like an actress, but it is not the only source of her income. Sophie Turner model is quite successful too. Thus she took part in Karen Millen’s Fall 2014 Collection. She also appeared in the music video of Bastille. So, the young actress and model has enough offers. For sure, her career is going to prosper. But what about her personal life?

Sophie Turner Personal Life

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and James McVey

Although the actress was very embarrassed, when she heard about sexual scenes in “Games of Thrones”, where she had to participate, she is not so innocent in her real life. It is rumored, that Sophie Turner boyfriend was guitarist James McVey from The Vamps. They say, the couple met through Twitter and arranged a couple of dates together. But then something got wrong and six months ago the young celebrities split.

Now Sophia Turner is free and single. But she has a lot of work to do, so she has no time for depression. In 2015 she is going to appear on the big screen again. She is going to act as young Jean Grey in “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The young star will meet such legends at the film set as Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender. So, this year will be hot for an actress!
Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Houses

Although Sophia Turner is the owner of $5 million net worth, she hasn’t bought any house or apartment for herself. The star is rumored to live in Warwick with her parents, when she is not busy with her movies, and lead a very simple life.

Sophie Turner Cars

There’s no information about Sophia Turner’s car yet, but the actress told in her interviews that “She drives a simple vehicle!”

So, the young woman Sophia Turner is very simple and unpretentious. She is for sure talented as an actress and she has the possibility to become a model as well (as she is 175 cm tall and her weight is just 55 kg). Thus her net worth is keeping growing and she has a real chance to become one of the highest paid actresses in future.

But now she is fond of puppies, movies with Jack Nicholson and books from the series “Games of Thrones” !

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner on The One Show

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