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How much is Skrillex worth?

Skrillex net worth is $15 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 15 January, 1988 (Age: 28)

Nationality: American

Religion: Scientologist

Skrillex Net Worth


Sonny John Moore was born in 1988 in LA, where he was raised by parents, who were devoted to Scientology religion.

The boy was interested in music from the earliest years; he played various musical instruments and tried to write his own songs.

He began his career and earned his first money as the leading singer of the musical group From First to Last. They released two successful and bestselling albums, when Sonny changed his name and began to prepare his solo extended play. It was released in 2010 and was titled “My Name Is Skrillex”. The performer also earned his net worth as a dubstep producer.

Skrillex Net Worth


Not much is known about personal life of the musician. He is rumored to date a singer Ellie Goulding.

How Much is Skrillex Worth or Skrillex Salary

Being extremely high paid dubstep developer and DJ, Skrillex has a busy schedule. He gives about 150 concerts annually. He gets some money for selling of his albums and extended plays. Of course, a performer gets some money for his endorsement deals and guest TV show appearances. Thus he manages to make about $3 million annually.

Skrillex Net Worth


Skrillex Salary per Album

Skrillex is a Grammy Award artist, so his rate per each concert or musical gig is high enough. He gets about $300, 000 per each his concert. He also gets some money from each copy of his album, which is sold worldwide. Here’s his income per some of Skrillex albums and extended plays.

  1. My Name Is Skrillex – $138, 000

    Skrillex Net Worth

    Skrillex My Name Is Skrillex

  2. Gypsyhook EP – $162, 000

    Skrillex Net Worth

    Skrillex Gypsyhook EP Album Cover

  3. Bangarang – $216, 000

    Skrillex Net Worth

    Skrillex Bangarang Album Cover

  4. Recess – $284, 000

    Skrillex Net Worth

    Skrillex Recess

The earnings of the dubstep enthusiast and DJ make him incredibly rich. Now he has enough money, which he spends for various interesting for him things like fashionable clothes and shoes, new musical instruments, vacations with his girlfriend, modern vehicles and houses.

Skrillex Houses

  1. House in LA – $1, 2 million

    Skrillex Net Worth

    Skrillex in LA House

Skrillex moved from his parents’ small apartment in Los Angeles to his own roomy house, when he earned enough to buy it. Now the star lives at home with all possible appliances. He has a well equipped kitchen, a SPA room and a gym in his house. Unfortunately, he spends at home just a couple of months per year, because most part of his time the star DJ spends travelling on business.

Skrillex Cars

Skrillex is a well known car lover. He is rumored to own a big car and a powerful motorcycle, but he has never announced in public the mark of his car or motorcycle name.

 Skrillex is a hardworking person, who is extremely talented, that’s why he has an opportunity to earn a lot.

Skrillex Net Worth


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