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Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams net worth is $145 million.

Serena Williams Net Worth

Date of Birth: September 26, 1981

Nationality: American

Religion: Jehovah’s Witness

She is a professional tennis player and she has made unique career. Serena Williams age is just 34 now. She had never been married and she has no children. Serena Williams devoted her life to career making and money making. And she managed to succeed.

Serena Williams was born in September, 1981 in Saginaw (Michigan). Her parents are famous enough. Her father, Richard Williams, and her mother, Oracene Price, started dating in 1979. Both of them had been married before and had children, so they hoped, the second attempt to create a family would be happier, than the previous one.

The couple had two daughters – Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Both of them became popular as professional tennis players. No wonder, because Serena’s parents were the coaches of their children. They made the girls work out since they were toddlers. At the age of 14 Serena William took part in her first tennis tournament. At the age of 17 she won it!
Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams Salary

Per year: $24,6 million
Per month: $2,1 million
Per week: $492,000
Per day: $98,400

Serena Williams Net Worth from 2002 to 2015

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The parents want to hear one day the news that Serena Williams married. But the woman seems not be interested at all in her family life. She is interested in moneymaking. Tennis Serena Williams makes her richer and richer from year to year. Besides she makes money with her endorsements deals.

Serena Williams has earned most part of her net worth, playing tennis. She has won numerous tournaments and every tournament presumes some prize money for the winner. Serena Williams is considered as No 1 female tennis player as she got more than $67 million of prize money during her career. Serena Williams worth is usually compared with her sister’s worth as they both are the stars in tennis playing. Her other rival on the court and in earnings is Maria Sharapova. It is hard to say, who is richer among them, but after the winning of WTA Championship Serena Williams had got the paycheck for $4,000,000. It is the biggest amount of prize money in tennis playing history.
Serena Williams Net Worth

It is necessary to add, that Serena Williams loses her money sometimes too. Thus she was fined numerous times for racquet abuse and verbal abuse. One day the amount of fined money was $175,000.

Tennis playing is the main source of solid income of Serena Williams, but it is not the only one. Her endorsements deals also bring a lot of money to the tennis player. Thus in 2004 she signed the contract with NIKE that made the star $40 million richer. The other endorsement deals of Serena Williams are with Wilson, JP Morgan Chase, Kraft Foods, Gatorade, OPI and Berlei bras. These deals add $12 million to her account annually. Sometimes she gets money from her sponsors, thus in 2014 she got $11 million of sponsored money.

Serena Williams net worth seems impressive as most of people can just dream about such a big salary. In fact Serena is a unique tennis player and her numerous awards prove it!
Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams Awards

Serena Williams is called “the queen of tennis” and she deserves that title. The list of her awards is long enough. She had made unique career in tennis and continues to make it in spite of her age.

Serena Williams has won Olympic gold medal 4 times!

She was ranked by WTA as Number One Tennis player numerous times and she is the owner of this title till present days.

In general she had won 68 single awards, 22 double awards and 2 mixed double awards.

Serena has won more than $67 million of prize money during her career. It is the unique amount.

Serena Williams has won Wimbledon title 6 times during her career. Now she is considered as the oldest tennis player, who has ever owned this title in the world.Serena Williams Net Worth

The star has enough money nowadays and she spends a part of it for charity. Thus charity work is another award that the tennis player can add to her collection.

Of course, she has enough money now that she spends for houses, cars and other expensive things she likes.
Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams Houses

House West Palm Beach – $2 Million (Florida)
Serena Williams has chosen Ballen Isles (Florida) as the place of her residence because there are 22 professional tennis courts there. Now the star has an opportunity to train not far from home. These tennis facilities attracted other famous tennis players to Ballen Isles. The neighbors of Serena Williams are Aaron Krickstein and Ivan Lendl.
The house of Serena Williams has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a swimming pool. One of the bedrooms belongs to Serena Williams and the others are supposed for her guests. Serena’s bedroom is decorated with marble and granite. Near the bedroom the star has a comfortable bathroom with small white cabinets all around. In her free time she stays in a big breakfast room or cozy dining room. Sometimes she spends several hours in the library.
 Williams Net Worth house
Serena Williams Net Worth house
 Williams Net Worth house

There’s a big gallery in the house. It was built especially for numerous awards of Serena Williams. She keeps her trophies carefully!

Serena Williams Cars

Bentley Supersports – $321,100
Serena Williams is the lover of bright colors. She always wears bright make up and bright clothes. Of course, the car that she has chosen also was of bright red color. Serena Williams is the active person and certainly she likes driving her small, elegant and extremely expensive car!
Serena Williams Net Worth car

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