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Scott Eastwood Net Worth

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood net worth is $1 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 21 March, 1986 (Age: 30)

Place of birth: Monterey, CA

Nationality: American

Religion: Non Religious

Source of wealth:  Movie, Endorsements

Scott Eastwood Salary

Per year: $200, 000

Per month: $17, 000

Per week: $4, 167

Per day: $595

Scott Eastwood was lucky from his very birth, because he was born in a family of famous actor and film director Clint Eastwood and a stewardess Jacelyn Ann Reeves. Probably, he wouldn’t become an actor without his father’s support.

Scott is not popular as his father now, but he had made a great cinema debut in 2006, when he appeared in “Flags of Our Fathers” under the name of Scott Reeves. His salary for this movie is not known exactly, but it must be around $150, 000.

In 2008 he participated in “Gran Torino”. The film became extremely successful, it got positive reviews from critics and Scott Reeves was noticed. His earnings per the movie are not known, but no doubt, soon the young actor was getting much bigger salary.

Since 2009 Scott has changed his name “Reeves” into “Eastwood”. His popularity is growing rapidly.

In 2010 and actor got $163, 000 of income. He participated in the most popular for now movie in his career, named “Enter Nowhere”.

His earnings increased to $200, 000 in 2014, when the young star appeared in “Fury” and “Stranded”.

The most famous Scott Eastwood movies are “Pride”, “An American Crime”, “The Longest Ride” (title role).

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

Scott Eastwood

How Much Is Scott Eastwood Worth

Scott Eastwood net worth in 2015 is estimated as $1 million (by Forbes). It would be bigger at the end of 2016, because Diablo star is busy in 6 upcoming movies, including “Suicide Squad”.

Like any other star, Scott Eastwood gets some money for endorsement deals. He gets around $30, 000 of endorsing money annually. He appeared in ads for Davidoff Cool Water and Hugo Boss fragrance.

Scott Eastwood earns more and more, because he is single and has a lot of free time. He used to date a model Brittany Brousseau, but they split in 2014 after 5 months affair.

Scott Eastwood Salary per Movie

Scott Eastwood swears, that he managed to become a movie star without his father’s support and he parked cars to earn his living, when attended numerous auditions in order to get the role.

In any case, he makes $150, 000 – $200, 000 per movie now. Here are some of Scott’s earnings:

  1. The Perfect Wave – $126, 000
  2. The Longest Ride – $160, 000
  3. Diablo – $200, 000

Scott Eastwood Houses

Scott Eastwood had never told about his houses and cars in public. Probably, he rents an apartment.

Scott Eastwood Car

The young actor’s net worth is just growing. So he has a chance to get a luxurious car and roomy house in future.

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

Scott Eastwood

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