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Rothschild Net Worth

Rothschild net worth is $350 billion.

Date of Birth: 1760

Nationality: Jewish

Religion: Jewish

Rothschild Net Worth

Rothschild Dynasty

Rothschild dynasty is considered as the richest and the most powerful in the world. They started to earn their net worth in the middle of 18th century and now they can boast with $10 billion annual income.

$350 billion net worth belongs to the whole family; each member of the family separately has much lower net worth. At the same time the Rothschild Family is accepted as the one body and that’s why they remain the most influential and the richest in the world.

Rothschild Net Worth

Rothschild Dynasty

Rothschild Biography

Rothschild dynasty like a real person has its own biography. The family business was founded in 1760-s in Germany by Jews Rothschilds. Jews lived in ghettos in Germany then and they were forbidden to go out on Christian holidays. These strict rules were not supposed for Mayer Rothschild and his father, who earned his living, selling coins made of gold and silver and trading silk. His goods were of the best quality and that’s why Rothschild was quite prosperous and close to the richest people in Germany.

Rothschild Net Worth

Mayer Rothschild

When he was 12 years old, Mayer became an orphan. But he continued his father’s business and even became much more successful. He developed his career line and became Court Jews. His typing trading was gradually developed into the first bank in Europe.

Rothschild Net Worth

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was the father of five sons and five daughters. He shared his net worth among them and left strict rules for his sons to develop Rothschild family wealth. They had to found banks in five most luxurious cities in Europe like Paris, London, Naples, Vienna and Frankfurt.

Rothschild Net Worth

Rothschild Dynasty

What can be said about Rothschild Company in the 21st century?

How Much Is Rothschild Family Worth or Rothschild Family Annual Income

Per year: $10 billion (approximately)

Per month: $834 million

Per week: $208 million

Per day: $30 million

Rothschild Net Worth

Rothschild Dynasty

As it was mentioned above, Rothschild wealth is divided between the numerous members of their family. That’s why it is very hard to calculate the annual income of the family. But no doubt it is not less than $10 billion. How do they make their fortune?

Rothschild estimated wealth is $350 billion. But this figure is not precise. Nobody knows exactly the real amount of money the richest family in the world controls. They own several financial institutions, which are situated all over Europe. They own the banks, including N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd in London and Edmond de Rothschild Group in Switzerland. They also get solid income annually from more than 20 wineries, which are situated in Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

Rothschild Net Worth


The history of the richest family is described in Rothschild book. Frankly speaking, there are numerous books, devoted to the history of the richest and the noblest family. The most popular of them is “The House of Rothschild”, which includes the history of the richest family from the first days of their existence till modern times.

Rothschild Net Worth

Rothschild Dynasty

Financial success of the richest family in the world is not the only topic, which is interesting to discuss. Their personal life is also interesting and full of rumors.

Rothschild Personal Life

They are not of royal blood, but still their personal life is not the choice of the heart, but the choice of the profit. Mayer Amschel Rothschild left a strict rule to his children. He didn’t want family wealth to be spread among the inheritors. That’s why he told his sons and daughters that they should marry their cousins. During the long time the girls from Rothschild family has to marry their relatives and it was the reason of poor health of some members of their family.

Rothschild Net Worth

Olimpia Borghese Aldobrandini, Arone David Rotschild (1955)

Now the representatives of Rothschild family are not obliged to marry their relatives, but still they marry the richest people in the world. Their marriages are rather a kind of a profitable deal than an act of love. But the member of the rich family likes to relax. They arranged so called Rothschild illuminati parties, when they wore strange suits and animal masks.

Rothschild Net Worth

Nicky Hilton, James Rothschild

Not long ago James Rothschild married the representative of the other rich family, Nicky Hilton. They had a marvelous wedding at Kensington Palace. It is not known now, when they are going to reside. The Rothschild family has so many houses and estates.

Rothschild Property

1. Rothschild mansion in Paris – $30 million

Rothschild family owns numerous houses, palaces and mansion all over Europe. Rothschild estate France consists of Villa Victoria, Villa Rothschild, Ferme du Coteau, Hôtel Lambert and many others. One of the most luxurious and the most interesting Rothschild estates in France is Paris mansion, which is situated not far from Notre-Dame. Rothschild house is rumored to cost $30 million.

Rothschild House

Rothschild mansion in Paris

2. Rothschild estate England

The family owns numerous estates in England too. They include Inchmery House, Kensington Palace Gardens etc.

Rothschild Home

Kensington Palace Gardens

They also own estates in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany etc. The family can live in any country they want and drive any car they like. They are the owners of numerous car models and big black helicopters.

Rothschild  Home

Waddesdon Manor

The net worth of incredibly rich Rothschild family is keeping growing from year to year, because the members of this family work from morning till night with the only aim – to make as much money as it is possible.

The Rothschild Conspiracy

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