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Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

Roberto Cavalli Net Worth is $500 million

Roberto Cavalli Net WorthDate of Birth: November 15, 1940

Nationality: Italian

Religion: Catholic

The best ever Italian designer Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Tuscany. As Cavalli had the gifted grandfather who drew nice paintings which were exhibited Uffizi Gallery, he also was fond of painting. Cavalli attended Art Institute where he concentrated on textile print. In sometimes he created such beautiful flower print that a lot of Italian factories became interest in his works and personality. He created different patchworks of different materials. Then he debuted with it in Paris. In some time later he created his first collection which was very successful. After this he had opened his first boutique. And since that time his popularity became to grow. Roberto Cavalli bio is full of beauty which surrounds him and comes into his head!

Roberto Cavalli family consist of his wife and five children, among which he has daughter and son from the first marriage. Roberto Cavalli children’ names are Tomasso, Christiana, Robert, Rachel and Danielle. His family is very proud of him!

Roberto Cavalli Salary

Per year: $500 million
Per month: $13,7 million
Per week: $9,6 million
Per Day: $1,369, 863
Roberto Cavalli salary depends not only on incomes of his clothes, furniture or perfume collections. He has some money from the using of has brand. Roberto is an owner of the restaurants, clubs and lounges in Miami, Ibiza, Milan, Dubai and so on. A lot of models want to work with him and do it. He also has designed Mini Paceman in 2013. His wealth is unbelievable he is a really one of the best and desirable designers in the world!
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

Projects Best

Roberto Cavalli clothing has made a great progress in fashion industry. He didn’t limit himself in creation of clothes, besides labels Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli Junior, he has another labels like Roberto Cavalli Parfumes and Roberto Cavalli Home.

Roberto Cavalli’ design and clothes are among the most popular and highly-paid in the world.
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

Roberto Cavalli Achievements

In 2013 Roberto Cavalli was awarded an Honorary Master Diploma in Fashion Management from Domus Academy in Milan. But the biggest his award is that many celebrities all over the world prefer to wear clothes just only from his collection and have his amazing perfumes.
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

Roberto Cavalli Home

Tuscany-based mansion in Florence —$621 million( is thought to be sold)

It is a 32 acre Tuscan estate. This house has a unique architecture, lightened walls with different colors and lightened roof makes an impression of a light giant source. Roberto Cavalli has been living more than 35 years in the same home. The mansion has huge windows, glass doors and walls, photography studio, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, vineyard and area for helicopters. The house is covered with metal skin technology. There are a lot of birds, dogs and tropical fish in the area. Roberto Cavalli has fine art from Renaissance showpieces to contemporary paintings. Besides paintings he has icons and statues. Roberto Cavalli fashion also lives in his house. He has a lot of leather silk and velvet inside. The house is covered with Persian rugs-antique. As Roberto Cavalli is known like “The Leopard King” he fills empty places with a big amount of leopard pillows on the floor. In general, his house is amazing, especially, with its olive leaf on the outdoor walls which allows a light to penetrate inside.

In 2014 Roberto Cavalli wanted to sell his house for $621 million.
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth house
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

Roberto Cavalli Cars

New mini Paceman was designed by Roberto Cavalli. It is a special model which was auctioned for a record $194,000! Inside color changed from black to brown, having golden symbols of “Roberto Cavalli” logo. Car’s design was done according to Roberto Cavalli’s own taste. The seats are, of course, made of leather. In general this car looks like a tiny but luxurious golden bug.
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth car

Ferrari 365 GTS 4 —$700,000

In early 70s this car was like a friend to Roberto Cavalli, which allowed him to travel from Florence to San Tropez.

Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

Roberto Cavalli Net Worth
Roberto Cavalli Net Worth

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