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How rich is Rachel Roy?

Rachel Roy net worth is $12 million dollars.

Rachel Roy Net Worth

Rachel Roy

Date of Birth: 15 January, 1974 (Age: 42)

Nationality: American

Religion: Adventist

Rachel Roy Salary

Per year: $670, 000 (approximately)

Per month: $55, 833

Per week: $13, 958

Per day: $1, 994

Rachel Roy is known internationally as a fashion designer. Celebrities buy clothes from her store, and it is the main source of Rachel’s $12 million income (according to “Forbes”).

Not long ago Rachel Roy’s name appeared in mass media again, but this time not because of her career, but because of her child’s custody battle with ex-husband Damon Dash.

Rachel Roy started to earn her net worth at the age of 14. Then she got her first job in fashion industry. The girl graduated from school and entered Columbia Union College. She attended it for a short time and then left at the age of 20 to start career of a designer in New York.

Rachel Roy founded her own brand, named “Rocawear”, which she made popular online at first. Soon her label became popular among celebrities too, and it added Rachel some extra earnings.

Soon her skills of a designer were appreciated by such internationally popular personalities like Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian.

Rachel Roy is one of the highest paid designers in the world now. She got numerous awards and nominations for her talented work, including a Bollywood industry award.

In 2005 she got married a musician Dash. The couple has two daughters together and looked so happy. Nevertheless Dash and Rachel split in 2009. The couple was involved into custody battle. Rachel Roy accused his wife in driving under alcohol influence. She told that Rachel is a bad mother, who called her elder daughter “bitch”.

In 2015 Rachel won custody battle, but her ex-husband prepares a new court battle with her.

How Much Is Rachel Roy Worth 

Rachel Roy Net Worth

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy earns her living as a fashion designer and model. She founded a trade mark “Royale Etenia” and she has clients among world known stars like Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson.

Rachel gets about $30, 000 of her endorsing money every year. Thus the famous designer managed to save a solid net worth.

Rachel Roy Houses

1. Californian Home – $983, 000

Rachel Roy House

Rachel Roy.Californian Home

Her ex-husband rents a house, but a famous designer Rachel Roy has already bought a luxurious house for her and her daughters. She enjoys wonderful ambience around her. She owned Maybach – $167, 000

Rachel Roy Net Worth

Rachel Roy

The star bought “Maybach”, being Dash’s wife. She drives it now.

Rachel Roy has a busy schedule, but she loves her work and money she gets from it.

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