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Queen Elizabeth net worth

Queen Elizabeth net worth is $425 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 21 April, 1926 (Age: 90)

Place of birth: London, UK

Nationality: British

Religion: Anglican

Source of wealth: Jewelry, Art

Queen Elizabeth Net Worth

Queen Elizabeth 

Queen Elizabeth reigns in her native country since 1953. In 2012 she celebrated Diamond Jubilee of 60 years on the throne. Now she is the longest-reigning Queen in the world.

Of course, she is extremely rich, but not so rich as you think. Her net worth is estimated by various sources in their own way. Thus, Forbes estimates Queen Elizabeth net worth as 20 billion. But according to Bloomberg, she is worth $425 million. Forbes included to that amount Queens jewelry and her assets, like Kensington Palace, but these things don’t belong to Queen personally, so Bloomberg estimated her net worth much lower.

Queen Elizabeth Net Worth

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth got married Philip Mountbatten in 1947. He was the son of Greek Price. The couple gave a birth to 4 children. Prince Charles is the oldest of them.

Elizabeth had always been a popular personality in England. She is known due to her big heart and awesome speeches.

Now Queen Elizabeth plans to leave the throne before her death. They say she is going to offer it to Prince William. As a rule, Prince of Wales becomes the king, so Prince Charles must inherit a Crown, but Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like Charles’s wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, so she decided to give the crown to her grandson.

Queen Elizabeth Salary

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t work. British people pay taxis and it gives the Queen an opportunity to live. She is also the owner of a solid net worth, which she inherited from her mom.

Let’s calculate, what precious things Elizabeth owns:

  1. Investments – $75 million
  2. Assets, inherited from her parents – $160 million
  3. Stamp collection – $75 million
  4. Royal Stud – $10 million

Queen Elizabeth`s property


  1. Sandringham estate – £10, 5 million

    Queen Elizabeth House

    Queen Elizabeth. Sandringham estate

  2. Holyrood house – £20, 5 million

    Queen Elizabeth House

    Queen Elizabeth Holyrood house

Queen Elizabeth houses also include Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and some other buildings, which price can’t be calculated. They are used like touristic centers.


1. Bentley State Limousine – £10 million

Queen Elizabeth Car

Queen Elizabeth. Bentley State Limousine

2. Land Rover – £36, 350

Queen Elizabeth Car

Queen Elizabeth. Land Rover

3. 1984 Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon – £4, 5 million

Queen Elizabeth Car

Queen Elizabeth. 1984 Daimler Double Six Long-Wheelbase Saloon

4. Range Rover – £45, 000

Queen Elizabeth Car

Queen Elizabeth. Range Rover

Queen Elizabeth lives a busy and interesting life. She is a happy mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

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