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Prince William Net Worth

Prince William net worth is $40 millionPrince William

Date of Birth: 21 June, 1982

Nationality: English

Religion: Anglican/Episcopalian

A handsome man, a lieutenant and a real English gentleman, Prince William is the next one after his father in the line for the British throne. He could easily become an actor with an attractive oval face and tall body (Prince is 191 cm tall). But his occupation – royalty – was defined by his birth. Prince William age is 33. He is a devoted son and a faithful husband and father.

Prince William Biography

William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor was born in 1982 in St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Prince William birthday is on the 21st of June. The boy seemed to be a lucky person from his first days as he was the first-born son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The boy inherited his attractive appearance and charisma from his beautiful mother, who had fans all over the world. They say, the Brits hope William to become the next king of England. They want the crown never to rest on his father’s head.

Prince William has a younger brother, Prince Harry. Their mother, Lady Diana, wanted to create the normal life for her two boys. She took them to McDonalds, walked with them in the park and made their life as simple as it was possible. But William’s happy childhood was over and his teens were full of tragic events. At first his parents got divorced and then his mother tragically died in the car accident. Prince William, who was a strong supporter of his mother, was frustrated by her death. In fact, he blamed press for that tragic accident, which took a life of his mother.

 Prince William Prince William

Prince William graduated from Eton College in 2000. He was a brilliant student with excellent grades and high interest in sports activities. Prince William was great in playing polo and swimming.

After the college he entered University of St. Andrews that he finished in 2005 with a degree in Geography. A year later Prince William, who was nicknamed “Wills”, entered Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. There Wills got the title of lieutenant. Later he was trained as the rescue pilot.  Now Prince William is known as the military man, ambulance pilot and philanthropist.
Prince William

Prince William Salary

Per year: £500, 000

Per month: £42, 000

Per day: £10, 416

Per week: £1, 500
Prince William

Prince William earns not a lot in comparison with other celebrities. Most part of that income (£450, 000) he gets from the fund that his mother, Lady Diana, left him and his brother, Harry. The other part of the income (about £50, 000) he gets as the rescue pilot. In fact, it is a rare thing, when the member of the royal family is employed like an ordinary person and pays taxis. But Prince Charles, who was raised by his mother like an ordinary boy, decided to get a job. He is busy with his duties from 7.00 am to 4.30 pm. The rest part of the day Prince Charles spends with his wife and two children.

Prince William Personal Life

Prince William and Kate met at St. Andrews College and fell in love with each other. Wills was rumored to date Jessica Craig, a Kenyan Heiress, for a short time.

Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William looked so natural together, that they were rumored to be engaged just in 2003, when they just started dating. But in 2007 they shocked their followers by the news about their split. The people were disappointed, when their favorite couple split. British people like Kate as she is so charismatic and resembles late Diana to them.

In 2010 finally the couple announced about their engagement. In 2011 they got married and the beautiful wedding ceremony held at Westminster Abbey was watched by millions of people all over the world.

Prince William

In 2013 first Prince William baby was born. Prince George of Cambridge is 2 now and he started to visit a kindergarten. In May, 2015 Kate and William welcomed a girl, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Prince William and Kate Middleton – Full interview

Prince William House

It is interesting to know, that Kate Middleton comes from an ordinary family, she is not the representative of aristocracy. But after her marriage she got the title Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple is rich enough, but they don’t spend a lot of money as most part of their purchases is paid from the public treasury. Thus, they get money for official clothes, for the nurse for their children (it is Maria Turrion Borrallo) and for the refurbishment of Prince William home.

  1. Property – Anmer Hall – £1.5 million

It is not known exactly, what is the price of a big Georgian village house of Kate Middleton and Prince William. But the cost of its renovation was £1,5 million. In fact, the official residence of Prince William and his wife is luxurious Kensington Palace, which is situated in London, but the couple decided to move to Norfolk just after their marriage. It was connected with Prince William military job.

Prince William house

Prince William

The house has ten bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It is surrounded by a picturesque garden. Kate’s and Wills’ children enjoy playing there.

Prince William Cars

Prince William is also the owner of an expensive bike. He owns many other luxurious vehicles too.

  1. Ducati Motorcycle – ₤33, 000
  2. Bulletproof Bentley – £250,000
  3. Jaguar XJ – ₤80,000
  4. Range Rover – ₤85, 000
  5. Audi A8 – ₤90, 000

They say, soon there will be just 5 kings in the world – The King of England and four kings from a card game. Probably, the tradition of British people to admire the beauty and nobleness of their aristocratic rulers makes sense. Prince William serves as the sample for people all over the world!
Prince William

Prince William car

Prince William
Prince William

Prince William interview on fatherhood, baby George

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