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A great new film “Danny Collins”, starred by Al Pachino

2015 was famous for many events, but only some of them where significant and bright as this one. The film, suited by some cool actors was released, making a huge wave of popularity, fame and awards for all people, who were somehow connected with its production.

The budget was around $10,000,000, which seemed to be enough to create a good cinema. Some struggles took place – they were about the main actors and the place to screen, but finally all was agreed and the process began. The event occurred in July, 2013. The whole movie was presented in 2015 as it was directed by Dan Fogelman.

Al Pachino in Dan Folmans' new film

Al Pachino made the central character in the film, playing the role of British musician Steve Tilston, to whom the letter – the key point of movie, was addressed. The story is between John Lenon and his wife Yoko Ono and the singer from other continent. This is a kind of documentary, which gained big success because of its general idea and the topic – John Lenon – even his single name makes some people go mad, makes them feel eager to get the latest news, which are connected with his personality.

The comments this production received sound positively. Practically all the critics admit there were no difficulties to catch the plot from the first minutes, because the ‘entrance’, the beginning was obviously made. One of the critics said “film overcome the predictable moments”, which means it is easy to get and watch, as also it contains something to think over. John Lennon

Now what is about Al Pachino – this was one film he took part in. But still it was highly-qualified, eye-capturing and perfectly made for cinema lovers.

The salary he was paid is around $24,475,500, which is considered to be quite a solid state.

Al Pachino net worth in general is $135,000,000, gained mostly the on-screen projects he took part in from the young age, as he was born in a remarkable city of New York. Starting the career from the teen age in theatre, he is still active in the entertainment industry.

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