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Olympic Games 2016. How much money the one will get for the medal?

The news about Summer Olympics is what everyone is eager to hear about. What are the main perspectives of medal winners and which country will earn the biggest amount of them?


Those questions are most frequently asked since the competition in Rio de Janeiro was started.

In this article you will get to know about the rewards the country donates to its sport heroes, the announced data about the recent tournament and the overall impression from modern Olympic Games.

So, here we are.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

The biggest and probably the brightest team is introduced by America, having 2,403 medals in general in its luggage.

The country presenters always show the best results in practically each kind of sport battle, having already 26 gold awards received. The national symbol is Michael Phelps, whose career unfortunately ended this exact year due to the age – he is almost 31. He earned 23 gold pieces on Rio 2016. You will definitely ask about the payments – they are not very competitive, however stable.

For the gold medal the athlete will be given $25,000, for the silver one – $15,000 and for the bronze – $10,000.

Usa-8As it was said, they are practically unchanged, so many topics has arisen with the fact sportsmen are low-paid, even not by the prize committee, but even by the club they are trained at. There is no strong motivation for athletes from the material side as only not to introduce the country if front of the huge audience to the whole world. I hope that the problem will be solved.

USA Olympic Gimnastic Team

USA Olympic Gimnastic Team

The second place in the annual rank holds UK, winning 16 gold medals from the total amount of 41. But there is one more interesting moment, when it was announced the Olympic sportsmen will be given the unique appreciation – except the nation recognition, the one will get the own stamp, if the medal is gold, which is going to be very spread, and is going to be delivered to more than 500 post offices around the country.

UK Olympic Team

UK Olympic Team

That’s why you will find no prices in any periodical as the prove of the victory. The country is also second in the general list, having 773 prizes received throughout the history of modern Olympics.

Not only athletes from the United Kingdom don’t get an extra windfall for their medals, also from Sweden and Norway. 

The third place is left for China, which is famous for 15 gold and 46 total medals. However, the amount in overall list consists only of 472 awards; the national team shows great results on Rio 2016.


China Olympic Team

The East country may boast with quite a solid material appreciation of $31,400 paid for the first place in any competition.  As the economics is growing rapidly, the government can afford a good donation for each national sport hero.

The fourth position is occupied by Russia, who has won 11 gold medals through the past days in Brazil, and it’s not already the finish. The overall amount in their award luggage is 35 – quite a worth result. Since the modern Olympic Games are started, the team has won 395 rewards.

Russian Olympic Team

Russian Olympic Team

The payments are: for the first place – $61,000, the second – $39,000, the third – $26,000. The sport group is often followed by different scandals and gossips, but all that stuff does not matter for them, if the aim was put.

The last point in our rank is for sunny and colorful country Italy, whose victories are also bright. The number of them is 8 gold and 23 medals in general.

Italian Olympic Team

Italian Olympic Team

The sportsmen will come home as very rich people, as the prize they will be given by the Homeland is $189,000 for the gold, $84,000 for the silver and $56,000 for the bronze one. It is considered to be quite a good material inspiration for future winnings. Since the Games were started, the country received 663 medals in total.

To conclude, it may be mentioned that the time is passing by quickly, each time you want to achieve something, you have to catch a moment, like the athletes do on the tournaments and just average trainings. Everything depends on the moment; everything is well-worth a second. “Citius, altius, fortius” may be also translated as “Do, act, live”.

So, what is left is just to wish all the teams luck as far as the Games are not yet finished.

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