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Nina Dobrev Net Worth

Nina Dobrev net worth is $6 million.

Date of Birth: 9 January, 1989

Nationality: Bulgarian

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Nina Dobrev age is 27 years old. The actress is slim (55 kg) and tall (168 cm). These parameters helped her to start her career as a model. She took part in several commercials, when finally got the role in her first project, the series “Family Guy”. She got some extra fame after participating in the cult TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. Nina Dobrev movies and TV shows helped her to earn a net worth to her comparatively young age.

Nina Dobrev net worth

Nina Dobrev in ‘Vampire Diaries’

Nina Dobrew Biography

Nina Constantinova Dobreva was born in 1989, on the 9th of January. Her motherland is Sofia, Bulgaria, although she moved together with her parents to Toronto, Canada, where the girl grew up.

nina dobrev net worth:family, mother

Nina Dobrev with her Mother

From the very beginning Nina Dobrev biography is connected with dancing, gymnastics and music. She performed at the school stage and dreamed to become an actress. Nina Dobrev visited Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. After graduation she entered Ryerson University, but then was dropped out, because she showed low interest in her studying.

nina dobrev net worth

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev started modeling and took part in various commercials on TV. She was skilful enough as an actress, that’s why she was noticed by TV producers. Soon she got minor roles in the films and TV series.

Nina Dobrev net worth:films. roommate

Nina Dobrev in ‘Roommate’

Her pre-fame list of movies is long enough. Nina Dobrev movies include “The Roommate”, “Fugitive Pieces”, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and many others. But her big break was Nina Dobrev Vampire Diaries. The role of Elena Gilbert made her not just famous, but high paid too. After Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev got a great paycheck and now she earns not less than $200, 000 per each her movie.

Nina Dobrev net worth:fugitive pieces

Nina Dobrev in ‘Fugitive Pieces’

Nina Dobrodnev Salary

Per year: $750, 000

Per month: $62, 500

Per week: $15, 625

Per day: $2, 232

Nina Dobrev is slim and extremely good looking and of course, she gets many offers as a model too. But an actress tells she is not interested in endorsement deals as she tries to devote herself to acting. She completely concentrates on the project she is busy now and that is the secret of her success. Here are some movies of an actress and her earnings for them.

Nina Dobrev net worth

Nina Dobrev

1. The Roommate – $3, 5 million

2. Arena – $2, 4 million

3. You Got That Light – $2, 3 million

4. The Vampire Diaries (TV) – $3 million

5. Chloe – $900, 000

Nina Dobrev net worth

Nina Dobrev

Although the actress Nina Dobrev doesn’t like to take part in ads, she was busy in some of them. Thus, she advertised milk, cosmetics and other products. She earns enough money and she spends a lot too. Thus the star is rumored to spend $5, 000 for a Christmas night with her boyfriend.

Nina Dobrev net worth

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev Personal Life

Nina Dobrev is gorgeous, she is one of the most beautiful stars in the world, it goes without saying that Nina Dobrev dating history is long enough. She was in love with Daniel Clark and Benjamin Hollingsworth. Then she was noticed by paparazzi in the company of Evan Williams. But in 2010 Nina Dobrev started dating an actor Ian Somerhalder. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev met at a film set, when both took part in TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. They had long on and off relationship and finally broke up in 2013. The couple announced they remain friends. Later Ian Somerhalder married an actress Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev seem to be happy with an actor Austin Stowell.

Nina Dobrev net worth:daniel clark

Nina Dobrev  with Daniel Clark

Nina Dobrev made her fans heartbroken, when she announced, she left the series “Vampire Diaries”. The lovers of the series hope, that her heroine will be back one day, but Nina Dobrev is ready to move forward. Her latest movie is “The Final Girls”. The actress is also busy in upcoming projects like “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”, “Arrivals” and others.

Nina Dobrev net worth:final girls

Nina Dobrev in ‘The Final Girls’

It was rumored that Nina Dobrev pregnant, but it was not confirmed. The star continues to make money and then spends them for cars.

Nina Dobrev Houses

1. Home in Los Angeles – $1, 3 million

The star bought the house, when she was 25. She didn’t tell a lot about the place of her residence, but she told that she has well equipped kitchen. When the star is not busy with her job, she likes to arrange girls’ parties, when she meets together with her friends and cook in the kitchen. Nina Dobrev told she likes to try some new recipes from time to time.

Nina Dobrev net worth:house

Nina Dobrev. House

Nina Dobrev is rumored to have another property in Atlanta. There her family lives. But now the star is too busy and has not much time to spend in Atlanta.

Nina Dobrev nhouse

Nina Dobrev. House

Nina Dobrev is also fond of luxurious cars. She is the owner of two great fast vehicles.

Nina Dobrev Car

  1. Audi S4 Cabriolet convertible – $53,850

Audi is the favorite trade mark for many celebrities and Nina Dobrev is not exclusion. Nina told that she is the fan of Audi and finally she bought one for herself. Nina Dobrev is happy enough, when she is driving her Cabriolet. Very often she takes her friend for a drive with her.

Nina Dobrev cars

Nina Dobrev. Audi S4 Cabriolet convertible

2. Mercedes Benz E 350 – $50,490

The big black car Nina Dobrev uses, when she must visit some party or event. The black Mercedes is solid and respectable. The actress feels safe, driving it.

Nina Dobrev cars

Nina Dobrev. Mercedes Benz E 350

Nina Dobrev has left Vampire Diaries. She is popular enough now, but she has a lot of work to do on her way to stardom. Probably, she will become even more successful due to her upcoming projects.

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