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Nicole Kidman Net Worth

Nicole Kidman net worth is $130 million.

Date of Birth: 20 June 1967Nicole Kidman _17

Nationality: Australian

Religion: Roman Catholic

She is unreally beautiful and unreally talented. Tall and slim, Nicole Kidman always makes the movie better. Her godlike face makes women envy all over the world. But she is always ready to change her sweet face in order to look natural on the screen. Thus she put a fake ugly nose when acted as a writer Virginia Woolf in “The Hours”. But her efforts were awarded. Nicole Kidman The Hours brought her an Oscar.

Nicole Kidman Biography

Nicole Mary Kidman was born in 1967 on the 20th of June. Her parents were Australian, but the girl was born in Honolulu, HI. Later the family was moved to Sydney, Australia. That’s why it is hard to define the nationality of Nicole Kidman. She tells she is both American and Australian.

The actress’s father, Antony Kidman, was biochemist. Her mother, Janelle MacNeille, was a nursing instructor. Nicole has a younger sister, Antonia Kidman-Hawley, who is a famous TV journalist.

Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman

The girl got brilliant education. She attended he local high school and joined her studying with dancing classes and classes of acting. She had an acting talent – it was noticeable from the earliest years and that’s why she was sure, she would become an actress. Being a student of a senior school, the future star left her studying in order to work as an actress in one of Sydney theaters. She got positive critical acclaim and appeared in minor roles on TV in Australia. She got her first acting job on TV at the age of 15. Several years later she participated in Australian movie “Dead Calm” that helped the young starlet to attract attention of American producers.

Nicole Kidman

She moved to USA, where got supporting roles in big screen movies and participated in several advertisements. She made friends with an actress Naomi Watts and got acquainted with then-married Tom Cruise. Tom fell in love with an Australian beauty at first sight and invited the unknown actress to play in his new movie “Days of Thunder”. This Nicole Kidman movie was not profitable for her as she got comparatively low salary. But she gained her first fame in USA and got married Tom Cruise. He was very fast to divorce his previous wife, an actress Mimi Rogers.

Gradually Nicole Kidman was going to her stardom. But she had become really successful after her divorce with A list star Tom Cruise.

73 Questions with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Salary

Per year: $30 million

Per month: $2, 5 million

Per week: $625, 000

Per day: $89, 285

Nicole Kidman is included in the list of 20 the most high-paid women in the world. The holder of three Golden Globes and one Oscar, Nicole Kidman is paid $15 million for each movie, where she plays the title role.
Nicole Kidman

An actress is also known as the high-paid model. For her endorsement deal with Chanel she got $12 million, although she was busy just a couple of minutes advertising it. Here are some of Nicole Kidman films and her salary for them.

  1. Days of Thunder – $200, 000
  2. My Life – $500, 000
  3. To Die For – $2 million
  4. Batman Forever – $2, 5 million
  5. Practical Magic – $6 million
  6. The Hours – $7, 5 million
  7. Cold Mountain – $15 million
  8. Bewitched – $17, 500 million
  9. The Golden Compass – $15 million
  10. Australia – $13 million

    Cold Mountain

    Cold Mountain

Unfortunately the recent movies of an actress became box office flops. In 2015 she was considered as the most overpaid actress, who got extremely high salary, but her movies were not so profitable to film makers. She is busy in projects like “Genius” and “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” in 2016. If the actress’s movies won’t become successful, her earnings will decrease next year. But Nicole Kidman is still happy in her personal life.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Personal Life

For many years she was known as ex-wife of Tom Cruise. They had two children together, but both of them were adopted. The couple dreamed to have biological children, but the God had another plan.

When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted two children, their marriage was rumored to be fake. In fact, Tom Cruise’s sexual orientation is arguable. They say, he is gay and his marriage with an actress was just the contract between two of them.

Nicole Kidman

After her divorce with Tom Cruise an actress got Oscar. She played her best roles and found another love.

Nicole Kidman – Keith Urban marriage shocked her friends, relatives and fans not less than her divorce with Cruise. The country singer Urban was neither rich nor famous and had problems with drugs and alcohol. But the actress seemed to be very happy at their wedding ceremony. Later she supported her husband, who went for the rehab. Now they have two children together.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman kids – biological ones – are the girls Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Margaret was born by a surrogate mother. In general Nicole Kidman has four children. They live in her house in Sydney. But it is not the only her house. Nicole owns property all over the world.

Nicole Kidman Houses

  1. New York Penthouse – $16 million

The house is great. The star spends vacation together with her children and husband there. The luxurious house has 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It has a big pool, a garage and a car elevator on its territory.

Nicole Kidman Houses

Nicole Kidman New York Penthouse

Nicole Kidman house

New York Penthouse

Nicole Kidman house

Nicole Kidman New York Penthouse

  1. Beverly Hills home – $4, 7 million

This home can boast with 5 bedrooms and three roomy bathrooms. There’s also a big garden around the house.

Nicole Kidman house

Beverly Hills home

Nicole Kidman house

  1. Sydney home – $7 million

The actress shares her time between USA and Australia. Her Sydney home is also well equipped and luxurious.

Nicole Kidman house

Nicole Kidman Sydney home

Nicole Kidman Cars

Audi Q7 – $50, 900

Many celebrities are the happy owners of this model. Nicole Kidman has light grey luxurious car.

Nicole Kidman age is 48, but she remains the best from the best on the planet.

Nicole Kidman cars

Nicole Kidman Audi Q7

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