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Nick Young Net Worth

Nick Young net worth is $8 million dollars 

Nick Young Net Worth

Nick Young

Date of Birth: 1 June, 1985 (Age: 31)

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Nick Young Salary

Per year: $5 million

Per month: $417, 000

Per week: $105, 000

Per day: $14, 880

Nicholas Aaron Young is the youngest son in the family of a politician Charles Young, Sr. and Mae Young. His elder brother Charles was killed by gangsters mistakenly. His second brother John Young got mad after the incident. Thus the family lost two sons simultaneously, when Nick was just 5. The boy felt that he was the only hope of his parents. He tried his best to become successful. Now he owns $8 million net worth, according to Forbes.

Nick was talented as a basketball player and he played for his school team. Later he played for the team of the University of Southern California. Nick got a nickname Swaggy P and now he is known under this name.

After graduating from the University, Swaggy P decided to become a professional basketball player. During his years of studying he got numerous honors and was included in the list of the top new recruits.

Now Nick is known as successful Los Angeles Lakers Player and NBA player. He managed to gather a solid net worth in his comparatively young age.

Swaggy P was successful in his personal life too. He was engaged to an Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. But she decided to make a pause in their relationship after a tape scandal with Nick. One of his team-mates recorded the video with Nick Young, where he confessed that he cheated his fiancée with 19 year old girl.

How Much Is Nick Young Worth

Nick Young Net Worth

Nick Young

Nick Young earns his salary, playing for Los Angeles Lakers. He also gets some income for his endorsement deals. The basketball player advertises some sport giants like Nike, Adidas and others. It brings him some income annually too. The exact amount, which he gets according to his contracts with sports brands, is not known.

Nick Young Base Salary According to his Contract

Nick Young has four year deal with Los Angeles Lakers. The deal costs $21, 3 million. Thus, annually Swaggy P is guaranteed to get about $4 million salary plus bonuses, if his play will be worth it. Unfortunately, recently Nick was not so successful and made many game mistakes, for which paid a penalty of $4, 000.

Nick Young Houses

1. Tarzana Villa in CA – $3, 5 million

Nick Young house

Nick Young. Tarzana Villa in CA

Nick Young Cars

1. 1962 Chevy Impala – $100, 000

Nick Young car

Nick Young. 1962 Chevy Impala

Nick Young and his girlfriend Iggy Azalea bought Tarzana villa in California not long ago. He also has a great car, which is a gift from Iggy.

He also gave his fiancée expensive presents, including $500, 000 engagement ring.

Nick Young is a contradictory person; nevertheless he is a talented player, it is impossible to deny it!

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