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Nick Robinson Net Worth

Nick Robinson net worth is $3 million.Nick Robinson

Date of Birth: 22 March, 1995

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

He started his career as a theater actor, but later he got acquainted with Hollywood talent scout, who told that the boy “was ready for LA”. Thus the fellow started his career of an actor and managed to earn a net worth to his 20 years old.

Nick Robinson Biography

Nicholas John Robinson was born in 1995. Nick Robinson birthday is on the 22nd of March. His birthplace is Seattle, WA, where he was brought up together with 5 siblings. His mother is Denise Podnar and his father is Michael Robinson.

The boy was very smart at school and he got the highest grades. At the same time Nick was interested in acting and he made his debut in his childhood. He performed on the stage in his native city. He made his debut in the version of “Christmas Carol”. The parents noticed that the boy was rather talented. That’s why they enrolled nine year old boy to “Broadway Bound”, the program for young actors. Nick Robinson tried his best and soon his talent was noticed. The family friend recommended Nick to the Hollywood scout Matt Casella. Matt told that the boy “was ready for LA”. Thus Nick Robinson could get his first TV role. He debuted in a short movie “CC’s Father-Young”. His first significant role was in TV series “Melissa & Joey”.  Then the film list of a young actor was supplemented with the famous names “Kings of Summer” and “Jurassic World”. Now Nick Robinson co-stars Chloe Grace Moritz in the movie “The 5th Wave”. Nick Robinson movies helped him to earn the net worth of $3 million to his 20 years old.

Nick Robinson Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson Salary

Per year: $800, 000

Per month: $67, 000

Per week: $17, 000

Per day: $2, 380

The main source of income of Nick Robinson is his movies and TV series. He also gets some amount for his endorsement deals. In 2015 the actor took part in two movies, “Being Charlie” and “Jurassic World”. He got $700, 000 for both these movies and about $100, 000 for his endorsement deals. The previous year was extremely successful in Nick Robinson’s career. He played in 2 feature movies; he played the title role in one of them. If his work in “The 5th Wave” will be successful too and will get positive reviews, the actor can count to get much bigger salary in 2016. Here are the films of Nick Robinson actor and his salary per them.

The 5th Wave: Nick Robinson Exclusive Interview

  1. Frenemies – $19, 000

The role of Jake Logan was not hard to play. The film is quite simple, it is aimed for teenage audience and it got the actor his first recognition. Nick Robinson co-acted Bella Thorne and Zendaya during his work in the movie.
Nick Robinson_4

  1. The Kings of Summer – $100, 000

After the role of Joe in “The Kings of Summer” Nick Robinson was noticed by critics and film producers. It was his big break, after which he got interesting offers from film directors. Nick Robinson Kings of Summer brought the actor Phoenix Film nomination.

Kings of Summer Interview – Nick Robinson on David Letterman

  1. Jurassic World – $330, 000

It was a great luck for the young actor to take part in Colin Trevorrow movie “Jurassic World”. Nick Robinson age was 19 years old then. For the young actor it was a big screen work, really professional one. He met at the film set the stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt. The film has become a real box office hit!
Nick Robinson

  1. Being Charlie – $400, 000

Finally, Nick Robinson got an opportunity to play his first leading role. The role of Charlie in the film of Rob Reiner got the actor richer.

Nick Robinson

His last screen work is “The 5th Wave”, where he acts as Zombie. The participation in the movie of J. Blakeson, based on the ski-fiction of Rick Yancey, is a great chance for the young actor to become one of the most prominent Hollywood stars.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson Personal Life

Who is Nick Robinson girlfriend? The teen girls, who have crash on Nick Robinson, hope that the actor is single. In fact, Nick is officially single. He gives no comments about his personal life and tries to keep it in secret. Nick Robinson is a very secretive person. He deleted his accounts from social net works and doesn’t share the details of his private life.

But he is rumored to date the model Taylor Spreitler. In any case, he had a crash on her, his friends used to tell.

Nick Robinson has also befriended Maika Monroe, his 5th Wave co-star. Who knows, probably, their friendship will develop into love one day.

Nick Robinson House

The actor owns a couple of millions, but he has no property (at least, it is not known, if he has any). He lives in his parent’s house. When the actor is busy with his new movie, he rents an apartment.

Nick Robinson Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.
Nick Robinson

The actor is rumored to be a smoker and he spends a solid amount of money for the most expensive cigarettes. He is not the fan of night life, but likes to spend free time at the Disneyland Resort, where he comes from time to time with his family.

The life of a star Nick Robinson is simple. In his real life he is just a teenager, who likes to have fun, to ride the attractions and to spend his free time in pizza café.

His career is the greatest passion in his life now!

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