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Muhammad Ali Net Worth

Muhammad Ali Net Worth is $50 million

Muhammad Ali

Date of Birth: January 17, 1942

Date of death: 3 June, 2016

Nationality: American

Religion: member of Islamic sect Sufim

Muhammad Ali’ real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay. He is an American heavyweight professional boxer in the past. He is considered to be one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. Muhammad Ali died at the age 74. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He was named after his father. But when he was converted to Islam he had changed his name. Besides parents he had a sister and four brothers. Muhammad Ali began training in boxing at 12 years old due to policeman who caught him with a stolen bicycle and gave him an advice to go in for sports, for example, boxing. His first boxing coach was Joe E. Martin. For 4 years Muhammad was trained by boxing cutman Chuck Bodak. His career was rather successful at an early age. He won a lot of titles, medals, championships. At the age of 22 he won the World Heavyweight Championship. In sometime later on he joined the Nation of Islam and, as it was told, he changed his name. In 1975 he converted to Sunni Islam.

There was a story when he refused to be conscripted into the US military. He was arrested and he didn’t fight for nearly 4 years. In 1971 he returned to the boxing and continued his bright and successful career. During his career Muhammad Ali was nicknamed “The Greatest”.

Muhammad Ali was married 4 times. In general he has seven daughters and two sons. Two of the daughters are from extramarital relationships. His first wife was Sonji Roy (1964), the second wife was Belinda Boyd (1967), with whom he had four children. This Muhammad Ali wife converted to Islam with him after their marriage. In 1977 Muhammad Ali had been married for the third time. His wife was Veronica. They had two daughters, one of whom became a boxer in 1999. In the 1986 Ali married for the last time. His wife was Yolanda Williams. They knew each other since 1964 and had been friends in Louisville.
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Salary

Per year: $50 million
Per month: $4,166,667
Per week: $961, 538
Per Day: $136, 986

Net worth of Muhammad Ali is about 50 million dollars. He has incomes from endorsement and sponsorship. The majority of his salary consists of investments. It is known that he had income over 5 million dollars between 2013 and 2014. But Muhammad Ali wealth is in the books, films and other creative to works where he has been the subject. He also appears on the covers. He appeared in some films, such as “Black Rodeo”, “The Greatest”, “Requiem for a Heavyweight”, “Freedom Road” and “The Trials of Muhammad Ali”. He also published is autobiography which was released like memoire in 2015. It was edited by Nobel prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison. He also appears in different television shows. Muhammad Ali money mostly consists of all these income.

Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Awards

Muhammad Ali worth is rather big because he’s considered to be one of the most well-known sports figures of the last century. She was crowned by Sports Illustrated and the BBC “Sportsman of the Century” and “Sports Personality of the Century”. Muhammad Ali won the title for free times, in 1964, 1974 and 1978. Having 61 total fights he had won 56 of them.
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is really a talented person who has a great history of his sports life. He won Amateur Athletic Union National Title, the Light Heavyweight gold medal in summer Olympics in 1960, two National Golden Gloves titles and six Kentucky Golden Gloves titles. Muhammad Ali was also honored with a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Muhammad Ali Home

Michigan House —$3,2 million

Muhammad Ali has moved there in 1986. It is a huge farm which has tennis and basketball courts, full-size boxing ring and swimming pool. The house has 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, gymnasium, and steam room. But Muhammad Ali was about to sell his house.

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Cars

Muhammad Ali has his beloved car Mercedes Gold 1959 – $1,5 million. He drives in it almost everywhere. But in his youth he had a lot of old cars.
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

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