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How much do the brands spend on endorsements?

There are many factors for companies to become famous and well-known among customers; but there are some influences, which do impact people’ mind, which cannot be controlled. However, the attention should be always attracted by bright and colorful ads.

The rank was made according to Forbes data to contain some names, which do spend much on advertisements.

1.Pampers – $8,3 billion over the past year.

This brand belongs to the company Procter & Gamble, which was founded in 1961. It offers the variety of pampers, which differ in size, shape, allergic reactions and other nevertheless significant conditions.

Pampers Advert

Pampers Advert

The other product to be offered is wet wipes, which are suitable and moreover recommended to careful usage with even the smallest children.

The ads to be created are often seen on TV, where the small kid gives you a smile, which remains in your head as the pleasant moment throughout the day.

This position is also shared by Gillette – the world-famous brand, which offers the men razors, shaving creams and other stuff, connected with this process. The owner is Procter and Gamble, a multi-national corporation, which has its main office in Boston, USA.

The main aim of any ads ever made is to charm the opposite side – women – to buy the products for their beloved men. Because men don’t usually watch the advertisements on TV, especially if there are some routine needs to be shown, which they always do in the morning.

2. L’Oreal – 8,2 billion through the past year.

This is probably the most famous and the most influential brand of cosmetics around the globe, which hold the French charm in every product ever made.

L’Oreal Advert

L’Oreal Advert

The company was founded in 1909 in the Paris suburbs.

Since that time it is highly adored by women, as it offers the wide range of cosmetics for ladies from different social groups, but all of them are well-qualified. The endorsement clips usually show the luxury non-routine life, which is presented by beautiful women, whose appearance is featured by L’Oreal cosmetics.

3. Chevrolet – $5,1 billion.

The brand introduces the autos, high-qualified and well-designed, which are easy in usage and modern with its conveniences.

Chevrolet Advert

Chevrolet Advert

The brand belongs to the General Motors – American automobile’s corporation, which was founded in Detroit in November 1911. Chevrolet is the most popular among all the concerns to be included in GM, the peak of which was reached in 2007, when around 2,6 million cars were sold all over the world. The ads are more common on TV, being featured by many celebrities.

4. Coca-Cola – $3,3 billion.

Is it necessary to tell about the products, if they are so welcomed in each country? However, recently according to some statistics, the health problems have arisen due to the high level of sugar in soda beverages.

That was the reason to produce fewer volumes in the next few years. But the managers decided to increase the marketing spend the years after and follow the idea of emotional contact with buyer, when to use more sincerity and serenity in ads.

Coca-Cola Advert

Coca-Cola Advert

If the advertisements are divided into theme group, so each should be dedicated to lo love and friendly relations among people – that is what customers are eager to see.

5. PepsiCo – $2,4 billion.

PepsiCo Advert

PepsiCo Advert

Being the main opponent to the previous company, it is not easy to conduct the marketing and the business in general. So, the managers involved TV as one of the main sources of endorsement. It means they use ads as sponsorships.

For the example may stand Super Bowl Show. Besides, the creator decided to divide all products into the subgroups: carbonated, low-carbonated and health one.

So, the customers are welcome to choose the most suitable. Besides, the food line is also offered by Frito-Lay snacks, which are now gaining more and more popularity.

To sum up, it may be said that endorsements is one of the most significant and essential parts of product making and design. It is very difficult to catch the customers’ eye, when there are so many attractive around.

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