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How rich is Mr Papers?

Mr. Papers net worth is $230, 000.

Date of Birth: 13 June, 1988 (Age: 27)

Nationality: Honduran

Religion: Roman Catholic

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers

Bronx tell sunny, me and Kim had sex in the bank vault

So y’all know I came for the money, money”

These words are taken from Mr. Papers music video “Pour It Up”, which he recorded together with his wife and the mother of his daughter, rapper Lil’ Kim. It seems, that not so rich New York based rapper Mr. Papers had really come for money. He was not known till 2012. Then he started an affair with famous and rich Lil’ Kim. Gradually his name got known to the fans – with great Kim’s support. Now he is struggling with Lil’ Kim for his daughter’s custody. And parents’ support payments are not the last argument in their conflict. He came for money, money…

Mr. Papers Biography

Mr Papers rapper was born in 1988, on the 13th of June. Mr Papers real name is Jeremy Neil. His birthplace is Honduras. During the long time he kept in mystery his age, real name and bio facts. About Mr. Papers life in Honduras not much is known. He is from poor family. From the earliest years he was interested in music and dreamed to earn money as a musician. He played music in local night clubs and dreamed to become popular one day. In Honduras he got married and had a son, who is 6 years old now. Then he split with his wife and moved to USA. There he settled in New York and played music in clubs from time to time. In the night club he met famous rapper and a very rich woman Lil’ Kim, who acclaimed herself as the Queen of rappers.

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers, Lil’ Kim

Poor Kim thought, he found the love of his life. Soon she made her sweet one popular, involving him into her musical gigs and performing with him on the stage. With Kim’s help Mr Paper managed to earn a net worth of $230, 000. Mr Papers net worth is not so big, but if you consider the fact that he was extremely poor in Honduras, you would understand his feelings now. He is unreally rich!

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers

How Much Is Mr. Papers Worth or Mr. Papers Salary

Per year: $62, 000

Per month: $5, 167

Per week: $1, 291

Per day: $185

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers

The annual salary of Mr. Papers is 62, 000. It is not much for an average rapper. Most part of that amount Mr. Papers gets from his stage performance. He gives concerts by himself and performs like a supporting artist at Lil’ Kim’s concerts. In 2013 the couple participated in music video “Pour It Up”, which got 50 thousand reviews at YouTube. The rotation of the video brought the couple a solid income.

Mr. Papers still has no album and that’s why his income is not high. But he has released one extended play, selling of which brings a rapper about $30, 000 annually.

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers

Some part of his income he gets, participating in numerous talk shows and giving interviews to popular issues as Kim’s boyfriend.

As you see, most part of Mr. Papers salary is made due to his love affair with Lil’ Kim. That’s why he worried a lot when they split up!

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers

Mr. Papers Personal Life

Jeremy Neil, who is 13 years younger than his sweet one Kimberly Jones (Lil’ Kim’s real name) had a complicated personal life. Being divorced, he decided not to marry at all. But in 2012 he met the rapper and famous TV personality, Lil’ Kim. As he later told, he fell in love with a star, but most part of the fans think, he was just planning to get much richer with her help. In 2012 the couple split for unknown reason. Lil’ Kim announced about it in Twitter. She thanked her fans for support as the situation was really painful for her.

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers, Lil’ Kim

A year later they started all over again and seemed to be very happy. Lil’ Kim spared a lot of money for her boyfriend. She bought him brand clothes and jewelry; he moved to her house and took part in her concerts. Lil’ Kim helped Mr. Papers to make his career. With her help his earnings increased.

In 2014 Lil’ Kim announced about her pregnancy. At first she kept the news in secret and told about her state, when the belly got noticeable. Then she gave an interview, when caressed her big belly and told “My little boo boo is coming! My little baby boo, my sunshine!” But still she kept in secret the name of her “boo boo” daddy. Soon Mr. Papers admitted his fatherhood.

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers, Lil’ Kim

In June, 2014 the girl was born. Lil’ Kim named the girl Royal Reign. Rappers baby pics appeared in the most famous journals and on TV.

But in May, 2015 the couple announced about their split. They took part in a lawsuit for baby custody. Mr. Papers announced he wanted to care about his daughter. But Lil’ Kim’s fans think, he wants just to get parental support from Kim in case, he will bring up the daughter Royal. Kim accused her husband in physical diss, in other words, he beat her. But Mr Papers denied this fact. Later he asked his ex to forgive him in public and she accepted the apology.

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers and Lil’ Kim Daugter. Royal

Mr. Papers Houses

Mr. Papers lived in his wife’s apartment in New York. They were not married officially, he just told he was going, but then they broke up.

Now he is hiring an apartment in New York and it is not known, if he plans to buy a property or not.

Mr Papers Net Worth

Mr Papers

Mr. Papers Cars

It is not known, if the star owns a car. He continues making his career and hopes to earn much more soon, but the development of his career is vague after his broke up with rapper diva.

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