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Michael Moore Net Worth

Michael Moore net worth is $ 50 Million.

Michael Moore Net WorthDate of Birth: April 23, 1954

Nationality: American

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Michael Moore was raised in suburbs of Flint, Michigan – the city full of General Motors factories where his relatives worked. Among his ancestors were Irish, Scottish and English. His education was passing in parochial St.John school and St.Paul seminary. In 1972 he graduated from Davison High School and it was where he first started his drama activity. He reached the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and became the youngest ever elected to the school board.

At the age of 22 he founded The Flint Voice, a weekly magazine and ten years later, at 32 he started his job as an editor of a political magazine Mother Jones in California. There he was fired with a scandal. Due to his principal position regarding politics Mike Moore refused to print an article he considered inappropriate. It came out the conflict referred to his other views and Moore didn’t hesitate to sue for unfair dismissal. The court approved his rights: Moore received 58,000$ which helped him to produce his first movie Roger and Me.

Michael Moore Salary

Per year: 343,927 $.

There are a lot of rumors around Michael Moore’s worth. Most are convinced he hides his real income. A successful movie director, music videos producer, host of plenty UK series, best-selling author with a focus on political elite control, active politician, TV showman and writer he managed to become a rich person. He seems to be a legendary King Midas turning everything he touches into gold.
Michael Moore Net Worth

Michael Moore Movies

Michael Moore produced more than ten movies which became award-winning and brought him fame and money.

Roger and Me – $6,706,368.
Mike Moore’s first movie revealed the dramatic inevitable changes of small American cities like his own. The story which raised the problem of workers whose needs are sacrificed to technical progress and profit of the big corporation won Emmy award.
Michael Moore Net Worth

Bowling for Columbine – $21,576,018.
This movie exposed social crisis of violence in US schools. The problems avoided in media were enlightened by Mike Moore in a pretty direct way. This brought Mike Moore recognition and three awards: two in Cannes Festival and one American.
Michael Moore Net Worth

Fahrenheit 911 – $119,114,517.
This work covered the undercurrents of the biggest tragedies of US society: September 11, 2001. Mike Moore explores the ties between Bush family and bin Laden. The movie title contains the hint on the threat of totalitarian power control foreseen by R.Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451.
Michael Moore Net Worth Fahrenheit 911

In 2012 this documentary took over 200 million US $ worldwide including US revenue of 120 million $. Mike Moore sued his producers for 2.7 million claiming they didn’t pay him out his earned funds.

Capitalism A Love Story – 17,436,509.
Michael Moore films are always on sharp disputable subjects and this one is not exclusion. Financial crisis, poverty and rich eternal conflict, “casino” mentality of society, even capitalism roots in Jesus teachings – just a short overview of the topics discussed.
Michael Moore Net Worth

Michael Moore documentaries, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 911 and Capitalism A Love Story gathered the most income – over 300, 000 million. It is told that Michael signed an agreement with his director according to which only 27 % out of profit goes to his own pocket.

Sicko– $24,540,079.
This movie Mike Moore was directed in 2007. This time an American health care system falls in his focus. Discoveries about big pharmaceutical companies caused huge resonance and controversy. Those companies forbid their workers to give information to the movie director. Michael Moore Sicko was recognized as the fourth highest grossing documentary of all times and at Cannes Film Festival received a standing ovation.
Michael Moore Net Worth Sicko

Michael Moore Houses

Michael Moore is said to be an owner of nine properties in Michigan and New York.

Mansion in Torch Lake – $2 million.
After divorce with Kathy Michael’s 11, 058 square feet property is estimated in 5 millions. There is a main house and guest lodge, seven bedrooms, five bathrooms. A massive stone-fireplace decorates the huge living-room, and staircase leads to the second floor. The library adds an elite spirit to the house. Turrets and huge bay windows create an image of the ancient fortress and gained a name “The House that Roger Built”.

Michael Moore  house

Michael Moore Mansion in Torch Lake

Michael Moore house

Michael Moore house
Michael Moore  house

Another Michael Moore house which caused accusations in hypocrisy is a Manhattan condo.

Michael Moore Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

Michael Moore Won’t Admit He’s a 1 Percenter

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