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Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg net worth is $40, 9 billion dollars.

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg

Date of birth: 14 February, 1942 (Age: 74)

Place of birth: Boston, MA

Nationality: American

Religion: Jewish

Source of wealth: Bloomberg LP

Michael Bloomberg Salary

Per year: $1

Per month: $0, 08

Per week: $0, 02

Per day: $0, 003

Americans consider self made people as the most successful of all. It is not hard to become a billionaire, if your father used to be a millionaire. But when a person comes from a poor family and then earns billions, it is worth of respect.

Michael Bloomberg is completely a self made man. He comes from a poor Jewish family. But he worked hard from morning till night in order to achieve his wealth and glory.

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth

Michael Bloomberg

He earned his first money after graduating from Harvard. The young and talented fellow found a job in Salomon Brothers Company. He worked with stocks and did it so faithfully and successfully that soon he managed to become the partner in his company.

When Michael was almost 40, he was fired from Salomon Brothers with a net worth about $10 million.

The future billionaire decided to found his own analytical company, named Bloomberg LP. Each solid businessman can boast with Bloomberg terminal on his table, although it costs a lot to use it.

Michael Bloomberg main source of wealth is his company. But he also added a couple of millions to his bank account, when he occupied the post of New York Mayor. He had planned to run for Presidency in 2016, but then decided to miss elections this time.

Michael Bloomberg Salary

Like many other rich businessmen, Michael Bloomberg earns just $1 annually. His salary is given to his favorite city – New York. The same does his daughter Emma – she donates salary to the city budget.

Bloomberg earned $2,7  salary

Michael Bloomberg Houses

  1. Stokes Bay home – $10, 5 million

    Michael Bloomberg House

    Michael Bloomberg. Stokes Bay home

  2. Ballyshear – $20 million

    Michael Bloomberg Home

    Michael Bloomberg. Ballyshear

  3. Victorian house – $10 million

    Michael Bloomberg House

    Michael Bloomberg. Victorian house

  4. The Farmhouse – $3, 6 million

    Michael Bloomberg Home

    Michael Bloomberg. The Farmhouse

  5. 17 East 79th Street Townhouse – $3, 5 million

    Michael Bloomberg Home

    Michael Bloomberg. 17 East 79th Street Townhouse

Michael Bloomberg mostly lives in New York, nevertheless he owns property in numerous cities and countries.

He lives together with his girlfriend, Diana Taylor, a former bank worker.

Blooomberg is a father of two daughters, Emma and Georgina. Their mother is Michael’s ex-wife Susan Brown. They were married from 1975 to 1993 and Susan took a half of his net worth, when she left Michael.

Now Michael Bloomberg net worth is estimated by Forbes as $40, 9 billion dollars.

Michael Bloomberg Cars

  1. Audi R8 – $164, 150
Michael Bloomberg Car

Michael Bloomberg. Audi R8

2. Chevrolet Suburban – $50, 895

Michael Bloomberg Car

Michael Bloomberg. Chevrolet Suburban

The billionaire owns a number of great cars.

He enjoys his life now and is proud of the net worth he could save.

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