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Matt Damon Net Worth

Matt Damon net worth: $75 million.

Matt Damon Net Worth

Date of Birth:  October 8, 1970

Nationality:  American

Religion: Agnostic

Matt Damon is a born American. He was born on the 8th of October, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His father was a tax preparer and broker. His mother was education professor. Matt also has an elder brother Kyle. He is a sculptor now. All the members of his family were successful and talented.

No wonder that Matt managed to become successful in his area too. He gained his first fame through his movies. Probably, he may not be able to become so successful without his best friend, Ben Affleck.

The boys got acquainted when they were just 10. They lived nearby and played together since childhood. Later Ben became not just Matt’s best friend but also his collaborator.

After graduation from local Cambridge School, Matt entered Harvard University. But he dropped it three years later, when decided to make career as an actor.

Matt Damon Salary

Annual: USD 25,000,000.00
Monthly: USD 2,083,333.00
Weekly: USD 500,000.00
Daily: USD 100,000.00

The movies with Matt Damon gained millions in the cinemas. Of course, the net worth of an actor increased too. It is hard to speak about Matt Damon’s salary. He earns as an actor, as a writer and as a producer. Besides he is the owner of the movie company “LivePlanet”.

The salary of Matt Damon increases from year to year. If in 1997 he got $600,000 per “Good Will Hunting” as an actor and co-writer, now he gets $20 million per every film.

The salary shows, that Matt is really talented as an actor, being honest and impressive in front of the camera. The talent of the actor is proved by various film awards.

Matt Damon Filmography

Matt Damon filmography looks impressive. There are many films with Matt Damon that became favorite for people all over the world. The actor has got a great salary per his films.

“Good Will Hunting” (1997) – $600,000
The actor has got $600,000 for the film “Good Will Hunting”. His first star making movie was released in 1997. There he acted alongside Ben Affleck. In fact, Matt is also the co-writer of the plot of this film.

When Matt studied at University, he wrote a play for his English class. The play was unfinished and later Matt asked his friend, Ben Affleck, to finish this play. Thus the plot of “Good Will Hunting” appeared. Later Matt Damon has got an Oscar for this scenario. He shared success with Ben Affleck.
Matt Damon Net Worth Good Will Hunting

“Saving Private Ryan” – $10 million
Several years later he acted in other movies, each of them can be called a visiting card of Matt Damon. “Saving Private Ryan” was seen by 46 million people. To produce the film, $70 million were spent. The producers managed to gather $482 million for this movie.
Matt Damon Net Worth Saving Private Ryan

“The Talented Mr. Ripley” – $10 million
“The Talented Mr. Ripley” is another successful film of Matt Damon. To create it, about $60 million were spent. The film makers had got more than $128 million in return. It seemed that movies became cult for sure, if Matt Damon was invited to act there.
Matt Damon Net Worth The Talented Mr. Ripley

“The Departed” – $20 million
Matt Damon was noticed by famous film directors and producers in his early twenty. When he was thirty, he has already become a certified star. It means, that together with other famous actors like Ben Affleck, Leo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper he became a member of $20 million club. It means that an average salary of Matt Damon for every film is $20 million. Thus, he got that amount of money for his role in “Departed” in 2006.
Matt Damon Net Worth The Departed

“The Martian” – $90 million
Matt Damon became successful since 1997 and from that year he keeps taking part in the most exciting movies in USA. In 2015 he impressed his fans again. “The Martian” with Matt Damon is extremely successful. Moreover, actor is expected to get Oscar for this role. Hope, he will.
Matt Damon Net Worth The Martian

Matt Damon Awards

The list of Matt Damon Awards is as long as the list of his films.

“Good Will Hunting” has brought an actor his first Oscar. But this award Matt has got as a writer, not as an actor. For that very film he has got Golden Globe Award.

The actor also received a star on a Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The list of awards is long enough, but Matt Damon deserves it. He is not just a talented actor, he is also a philanthropist. Matt Damon is known for his charity work. Besides he is a good husband and a father.Matt Damon Net Worth Oscar

Matt Damon House

Pacific Palicades, Los Angeles, Calofornia, USA – $16 million
Miami Florida house – $10, 5 million

Matt Damon home is not just the place, where he lives. It is also the place, where his four children grow up. Matt is known as a careful father. In 2005 he married Luciana Bozán Barroso. Since then they are the sample of love and faith for other Hollywood stars, which get divorced all the time. Matt cares about his family. He has bought several houses for them to live peacefully.

Matt Damon Net Worth House in Miami

Matt Damon’s house in Miami

Matt Damon and his family live at astonishing Pacific Palicades in Los Angeles. Now the children of the star feel safe in this great house. They swim in the swimming pool that is situated just in the garden of the house.
The family of Matt Damon owns also great Miami Florida house.

Matt Damon Net Worth House in California

Matt Damon’s house in California

Matt Damon Cars

Tesla Roadster – $101,500
Sequoia – $45.960
Prius – $20,000

Matt Damon cars can impress everyone, who likes the vehicles. Not to be late to his office, the star has bought impressive Tesla Roadster and elegant Sequoia. They say, he is also the happy owner of small blue Prius.
Matt Damon Net Worth car

Matt Damon remains one of the richest actors in the world, despite all that money he gives away for charity work and all the time his net worth is expected to grow!

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