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Martin Scorsese Net Worth

Martin Scorsese net worth is $70 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 17 November, 1942 (Age: 73)

Nationality: American (Italian roots)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Martin Scorsese Net Worth

Martin Scorsese

Martin Marcantonio Luciano Scorsese is one of the most talented film directors, producers and actors in the world. He has reached his stardom, but he had never dreamed about it.

The boy came from a family of Italian emigrants, who owned a small bakery. Little Martin suffered from asthma and spent his free time, watching various movies. He fell in love with cinema making, but at first he entered Seminary in order to become a priest.

He dropped out Seminary in a semester and entered a filmmaking school.

Martin Scorsese Net Worth

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese got first recognition as a director of short films, which were cynical and dark to some extent.

His big break took place in 1967, when he directed “I Call First”.

Martin Scorsese earned major part of his income, making films with Robert De Niro. They are good friends and helped each other to precede their careers.

Martin Scorsese is a father of three daughters from three various women. The film director was officially married 5 times. His current wife is Helen Morris.

Martin Scorsese Net Worth

Martin Scorsese

How Much Is Martin Scorsese Worth or Martin Scorsese Salary

Per year: $17 million

Per month: $1, 4 million

Per week: $326, 923

Per day: $46, 575

Martin Scorsese Net Worth

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese makes his living as an actor, producer, film director and film historian. Some part of his income he gets for various endorsement deals. Martin Scorsese is known to endorse American Express and American Academy of Arts and Letters. He supports Hilary Clinton presidential campaign, which brings several millions more to his account.

Marin Scorsese Salary per Movie

Martin Scorsese earns about $10 million per each movie. His rates are high, because he is the holder of Academy Award as the best film director and his movies usually receive various Oscar nominations.

Here are some of his movies and Scorsese’s salary per them.

  1. Gangs of New York – $6 million

    Martin Scorsese Net Worth

    Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York

  2. Shutter Island – $3, 5 million

    Martin Scorsese Net Worth

    Martin Scorsese in Shutter Island

  3. Hugo – $10 million

    Martin Scorsese Net Worth

    Martin Scorsese in Hugo

Martin Scorsese earns a lot and he can afford himself getting luxurious things and the best property in the world.

Martin Scorsese Houses

  1. Manhattan townhouse – $12, 5 million

    Martin Scorsese house

    Martin Scorsese Manhattan townhouse

Martin Scorsese Cars

It is not known, what car Martin Scorsese drives. But no doubt, he is the owner of the luxurious house.

Martin Scorsese lives with his wife and their daughter in a big mansion in New York. He created a small Hollywood inside of his house. Each room of the mansion is decorated with pictures from famous Hollywood movies.

Martin Scorsese remains a talented filmmaker in his middle age. Now he earns even more!

Martin Scorsese Net Worth

Martin Scorsese

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