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Martin O’Malley Net Worth

Martin O’Malley net worth is close to $0

Martin O'MalleyDate of Birth: January 18, 1963

Nationality: American

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Martin O’Malley net worth is close to $0! At least, it was estimated as $0 by Forbes. In fact the annual income of Martin o Malley governor is high enough. He has $97,000 of pension and many other sources of income that make him one of the most high paid personalities in USA. How did he manage to spend all that money?

Martin O’Malley Biography

Martin O’Malley was born in 1963, on the 18th of January in the family of Barbara and Thomas O’Malley. The future governor was born in Washington D.C. His father served in the U. S. Army Air Force, being a bombardier. They say, he took part in various important missions. His mother worked as a receptionist of Senator Barbara Mikulski. She was liked by her colleagues for her wit and tasty cookies she used to make. Probably, Martin o Malley political views were formed under her great influence.

The future governor was brought up in Maryland. There he attended Jesuit high school. They say, martin used to be a clever boy, who was fond of history and music. His mother had Irish roots, that’s why Martin studied Irish culture.

Later he entered Catholic University of America. There he felt that he wanted to devote his life to politics. He told, that he had understood, “even one person can make a difference”. He took part in Gary Hart President Campaign. After his first experience in politics, the fellow continued studying law at the University Of Maryland School Of Law. There he met the love of his life and his future wife Catherine Curran. Her father was State’s Attorney General.Martin O'Malley

Martin o Malley democrat will struggle for the post of President in 2016. To achieve his aim, he will race with another representative of democrats, Hilary Clinton. In fact, blue eyed and extremely attractive 52 year old candidate, who is called “handsome in a Kennedy sort of way”, has everything to become the next president of USA. He has charisma, wit and enough experience. In early 90s he served as a Baltimore city councilman. In 1999 he became the mayor of Baltimore. He has various achievements as a mayor. During the years of his service the crime rate in the city fell markedly. He also developed CitiStat computerized tracking system. Several years later he became the governor of Maryland. His term as a governor ends in 2015. In 2016 he is going to become the President of USA.
Martin O'Malley


Martin o Malley is considered as the poorest person, who is struggling for the President’s post. But in fact his income is high enough. The governor’s funds are extremely low, because he is probably spending too much.

The annual income of the future probable president is about $680,000. He earns about $380,000 for his speeches. Martin o Malley speech costs a lot. They say, he has got $147,000 for his speech for some American company. In fact, he gave that company a solid government contract (that is rumored). Being a director of Barcode Inc, he gets $25,000 of salary. The other $33,000 he makes as a visiting professor of John Hopkins University. He got $150,000 of wages as a governor and approximately $97,000 of pension as he is 52 already). The income of the candidate is high enough. So why is his net worth about $0? They say, he spends too much for his family.
Martin O'Malley


Martin o Malley has ideal American family: a beautiful and successful wife and four children. His wife, Katie O’Malley, is not just the First Lady of Maryland but also Associate Judge and a mother of four children (common with Martin o Malley). Martin o Malley children are called Grace, Tara, William and Jack. They say, Tara o Malley is going to follow her father’s footsteps and make career in politics.
Martin O'Malley

Katie O’Malley and Martin o Malley have a great family. They got married in 1990 and seemed to be the perfect couple at least till Martin o Malley affair. Of course, the governor of Baltimore denies the rumors and his loved one (probable) Sade Baderinwa remains silent too.

They say, long ago the married father, Martin o Malley, cheated his wife with sexual star of local TV Sade Baderinwa. She got pregnant and that’s why the story went to public. Sade didn’t comment the rumors about her pregnancy. In 2004, on the 23rd of July she was kicked by hit-and-run driver. The TV host got numerous traumas. They say, it was the revenge of Martin’s wife, Katie, to the lover of her husband.

Martin o Malley denies these rumors, insisting that he is a loving husband and father.Martin O'Malley

Martin o Malley House

Maybe the family of Martin o Malley is not happy, but they are rich enough to live in a great house.

The house of O’Malley family costs $549,000. It is situated in Baltimore. Martin o Malley address is Annapolis (Baltimore neighborhood), where the family of a governor lives. The house looks great; it has four bedrooms, several kitchens and bathrooms. The house looks luxurious, but the future President and his wife get junk furniture for their mansion as they are lack of funds. Most part of their annual income they spend for the education of their children.
Martin O'Malley

In fact, Martin o Malley has no secondary property or expensive cars – it is a rarity for a candidate for Presidency. He has no retirement bank account and his assets are valued less than $1 million. It seems that the politician dreams about making this world better and doesn’t care about his money at all. Will Martin o Malley, so called “plan B” of Democratic Party, really become the poorest President of the U. S.? Who knows…
Martin O'Malley

Martin O’Malley’s View From The Campaign Trail

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