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Mark Hamill Net Worth

Mark Hamill net worth is $6 million.

Mark HamillDate of Birth: September 25, 1951

Nationality: American

Religion: Catholic

 An actor, animator and writer, Mark Hamill is known for his role of Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars” and as Joker from Batman. His other screen works were mostly low budget, but all his roles got positive reviews from critics. How does Jedi Knight earn his living? And what does he do to get thousands of dollars annually?

Mark Hamill Biography

Mark Hamill was born in California on a cold September evening. He was the fourth child in the family and his father, the U.S. Navy Captain, William Hamill, was so happy, he had a son. The boy had an oval sweet face and big blue eyes. His mother, Virginia Suzanne, was a housewife.

Mark was the fourth child in the family, but not the last. Later his parents met three more children, having three sons and four daughters in general.

Because of his father’s work, Hamill’s family had to move a lot. The boy changed many schools in different countries. He even had an opportunity to study in Japan. There Mark Hamill got interested in acting. He took part in school performances and dreamed to become an actor. After graduating he went to Los Angeles City College. He made up his mind to become an actor.

He made his debut in 1970 on TV. Later he took part in TV series “General Hospital”. His finest hour came in 1977, when he got the role of Luke Skywalker.


Per year: $727,273

Per month: $59,000

Per week: $14,750

Per day: $2,107

It is hard to define exactly the annual income of Mark Hamill, as the years of his career were different. For example, when he took part in TV series “General Hospital”, he got $300 per week. His salary for the role of Luke Skywalker was $650,000 plus 1, 4% of general film earnings that made his income from the franchise more than $1, 2 million.

Mark Hamill Mark Hamill

Acting is the main source of Mark’s income, but not the only one. He is a great voice actor. Mark Hamill voice acting brings him a lot too.

He tried his hand as a writer as well. Mark Hamill is the author of a comic book. He used to be the narrator for BBC. He remains one of the best voice actors of all times and nations. We can hear his voice in various video games, cartoons and in popular Mark Hamill Regular Show that was released on American TV in 2010 and till now remains popular, being on air for 6 seasons already.
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill sells not only his voice, but also his signature. To get the picture of Skywalker with the signature of Mark Hamill will cost you from $125 to $200. Mark Hamill joker is another role the actor is famous for and the other source of his wealth. He took part in the movie and then his voice was used for video game. It is not known exactly, how much Mark Hamill got for his Joker, but the game has made more than $562 million. During 12 years (from 1992 to 2004) Mark Hamill was a Joker – he appeared in various TV shows as Joker and all the time this hero spoke his voice in movies, TV series, animation films and video games.
Mark Hamill


Films are the main source of income for Mark Hamill. He is popular as an actor first of all, although he tried many other jobs. What salary did he get for his most popular roles?

  1. “General Hospital” – $300 per week

The beginner Mark Hamill was lucky enough to get the job in TV series “General Hospital”. The small salary of $300 per week was just the beginning.

  1. “Star Wars”

The role of Luke Skywalker still remains the most prominent in Mark Hamill’s career. He got $650,000 for that screen work – an enormous amount for the beginner.
Mark Hamill

  1. “Criminal Minds” – $350,000

The role of John Curtis in popular TV series was an interesting work for Mark Hamill – interesting and quite profitable.
Mark Hamill

  1. “Virtually Heroes” – $375,000

The role of Monk in the fantasy “Virtually Heroes” in 2013 helped the actor to bring home a great amount of money.

Mark Hamill

  1. “Star Wars Episode VII” – $500,000

The upcoming series of the franchise will make Skywalker half a million richer. Luke has become older and wiser but he is still the favorite character for many people all over the world. Mark Hamill Star Wars 7 is his attempt to return his fame and the status of the one of most high paid actors.
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill movies made him rich and popular. But he is not just the wealthy man and celebrity; he is also a married father!

Personal Life

Mark Hamill is not just a billionaire and world known actor. He is also a father and a great husband. He married to Marilou York in 1979 and from that moment they are happy together. They have three children – Chelsea Hamill, Nathan Hamill and Griffin Hamill.
Mark Hamill

Nathan Hamill has also become an actor. We could see him in such movies as “Star Wars: Episode I” in 1999 and short film “Earth Day”.


For his hard and talented work Mark Hamill got various awards and nominations. He got the Saturn Award for Best Actor several times. He is also the winner of the Drama Desk Award.

But the main award of Mark Hamill is the love of his natives. He has bought a great house for his family members.

Mark Hamill net worth

Mark Hamill Houses and Cars

  1. Castle in Malibu – $3 million
Mark Hamill house

Mark Hamill Castle in Malibu

The house is surrounded by the garden. Exotic trees grow there. It has two storeys, several bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s a swimming pool not far from the entrance. Mark lives there with his wife.

Mark Hamill Cars

Mark Hamill car

Mark Hamill BMW

It is not known exactly about the cars of an actor, but they say, he is an owner of BMW. Its price is between $33,000 -$48,000.

Mark Hamill remains one of the best actors and the most handsome men on TV!

Mark Hamill Interview with

Mark Hamill

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