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Manny Ramirez Net Worth

Manny Ramirez Net Worth is $110 million

Manny RamirezDate of Birth: May 30, 1972

Nationality: Dominican

Religion: Roman Catholic

Manuel “Manny” Ramirez is the highest paid baseball player who played in Major League Baseball. He played there for 19 seasons with Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays and then he played in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. His career is really very bright and successful despite of his age. So, how old is Manny Ramirez? Playing in EDA Rhinos he just is 43 years. Manny was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since early childhood Manny Ramirez was obsessed with baseball. When he was 13 years old he had to move to the Washington Heights, Manhattan. He moved there with his parents. But he continued playing baseball at the Snake Hill not far from his house. His home also was in a short distance from Yankee Stadium. He came to the stadium to watch games which inspired him.

From 1987 to 1991 Manny Ramirez was attending George Washington High School where he became a baseball standout. He got his special batting strength. But he didn’t graduate it. As a person Ramirez was very shy and modest because he didn’t like to be the center of attention. But in spite of this he led his school team to 3 straight division championships. In 1999 Manny Ramirez was inducted into Public School Athletic Hall of Fame in New York City.

Manny Ramirez made his Major League Baseball debut in 1993. Next year he became a powerhouse hitter. His professional game was very precious for teams who he played with. In 2000 Manny began play with the Boston Red Sox. In 2004 and 2007 he led them to World Series championships. But at the end of his career he got some problems with drug policy. He is also well known for his quirky behavior and attitude on and off the field.

In 2001 Manny Ramirez married his wife Juliana with whom he has three sons. They live all together.
Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Salary

Per year: $ 110 million
Per month: $ 9,166,667
Per week: $ 2,115,385
Per Day: $ 301,370

Manny Ramirez net worth is about $110 million. During his all career he had earned about $ 206, 827, 769 million. And in his best single-season, just imagine he earned about $ 23,854,494 in 2009 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2004 he got $ 22, 5 million with the Boston Red Sox. In 1999 he got the greatest payments for that time of $4, 35 million with the Cleveland Indians. Manny Ramirez endorsement deals with such companies like Sega Genesis video games and EA Sports. He also receives some revenues from his work in television. So, nowadays his salary and incomes are rather serious and satisfy him in everything.

Manny Ramirez Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Awards

Manny Ramirez bright career is built with a big number of honors and wins. In 1995, 1998- 2008 he won for 12 times All-Star, in 1995, 1999-2006 Manny got Silver Slugger Award for 9 times, in 1999 and 2004 Ramirez twice won Hank Aaron Award, in 2004 he got World Series MVP Award and became a member of Majour League Baseball’s Latino Legends Team. He led a lot of teams to their wins in championships. Due to his hit strength the opponents of the team where he was playing didn’t have any choice for win.
Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Home

Weston Florida home —$2, 97 million

Manny Ramirez house is located in USA and is of about 10,439 square feet. He bought it in 2001. His house looks very modern, light and attractive. This house has a lot of bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, living room, huge kitchen. But in some years he added 4 car garage and a pool house of about 2,000 square feet. His house is really very luxurious. It is just his home when he doesn’t have baseball games and championships.
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Cars

Manny Ramirez doesn’t boast with own cars but still we know about some of them:

Chevy Impala – $54,500

Chrysler – $30,000

Porshe 911 Turbo – $180,000
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Says He’s a Brand New Man

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