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Luke Bracey Net Worth

Luke Bracey Net Worth is $3 million

Luke BraceyDate of Birth: April 26, 1989

Nationality: Australian

Religion: non-religious

Luke Bracey is very talented and rather young Australian actor who has just played roles in more than 6 films. This nice and handsome guy was born in Sydney Australia. Luke Bracey age is 26. He is very young but very confidently reaches his goals. There is not much known about him and his personal life because once Luke Bracey interview was addressed to journalists who wanted to know about him everything and there Luke told that he doesn’t want to speak about and discuss his private life. So, in some degree it’s a kind of secret.

But despite of this it is well known that he began actor career from the role of Trey Palmer in “Home and Away”. When he was 20 years old he moved to Los Angeles. In 2011 he made his first Hollywood break after having a role in film “Monte Carlo”. After the work in this film he admitted that he has got a romantic streak with Selena Gomez. So, Luke Bracey and Selena Gomez is together. After a successful year 2011 his actors career became grow quicker. She played lead roles in the many of the films, for example “The November Man” and “The Best of Me”. In 2013 he played a lead role in “Westside”.

It is well known that love of Luke Bracey to “Hunger Games” is very big because he considers this film the best he has ever seen. He had been even on its premiere in Sydney in 2012.
Luke Bracey

Luke Bracey Salary

Per year: $363,636
Per month: $30,303
Per week: $6,993
Per Day: $996

Luke Bracey movies let him earn not big but enough sums of money. He earned $250,000 for “American Dream”, $187,500 for “Amnesia”, $171,429 for “Me Him Her”, $153,846 for “Westside” and $130,435 for “G.I.Joe: Retaliation”. As for his net worth, we should admit that in 2011 he earned $ 1,538,461, in 2012 earned $ 2,033,898, in 2013 earned $ 2,5 million, in 2014 earned $ 2,727,273. This year he has earned $3 million.

Luke Bracey is just a starter in the film career. He is just beginning to earn his fare money.
Luke Bracey

Luke Bracey Filmography

Despite of Luke Bracey’s not long and fresh career he has already acted in 7 films. Luke Bracey movies are rather popular and let him earn enough sums of money. He became to act since 2009 and do it up today. At first he acted in “Home and Away”, in 2010 he acted in “Dance Academy”, in 2011 – ” Monte Carlo”, in 2012 – ” American Dream”, in 2013 he acted in” G.I.Joe: Retaliation ” and “Westside”, in 2014 he acted in” The November Man” and ” The Best of Me”, in 2015 – “Point Break” and he has a role in “Hacksaw Ridge” which is filming now and in 2016 will be presented. After the film ” G.I.Joe: Retaliation ” where the actor played Cobra Commander got a nickname and many people call him Luke Bracey Gi Goe star. This film was surprisingly good. Luke Bracey “Point Break” made him also more popular in film industry.

Luke Bracey Luke Bracey

Luke Bracey Home

As he is rather young, doesn’t earn enough money for luxurious life and in general he doesn’t like and want to tell any information about his private life.

Luke Bracey Car

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

THE NOVEMBER MAN’s Luke Bracey on Spiders, Bagpipes, & Dad Jokes

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