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Lourdes Net Worth

Lourdes Net Worth


Lourdes net worth is $300, 000 dollars.

Date of birth: 14 October, 1996 (Age: 19)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA

Nationality: American

Religion: Roman Catholic

Source of wealth: Fashion, Music

Lourdes Salary

Per year: $90, 000 (approximately)

Per month: $7, 500

Per week: $1, 875

Per day: $268

Lourdes net worth is not high in comparison with other stars. But she is so young and her mother owns multi million net worth. During the whole life Lourdes could do nothing, just enjoy her mother’s money and spend them for various luxurious things, which the girls like so much like tasty food, fashionable clothes and sport cars.

Lourdes was born in the family of her unwed mother, the internationally popular star Madonna Ciccone, and her father, yoga trainer and actor Carlos Leon. Lourdes parents’ had never been married officially and separated, when the girl was just 1 year old. Nevertheless her father is still present in her life and they are friends.

All Madonna fans thought, that her daughter will spend her free time, parting and spending her mother’s money. But Lourdes decided to make her own career and become as famous as her mother. She was active from the earliest years, liked fashion and took music classes. The girl helped her mother to write children’s book. She created her own clothes and sang her mother’s songs.

At the age of 17 Lourdes tried her hand as a fashion designer. She created clothing line for stylish teen girls, which she named “Material Girl” (like her mother’s song).

Lourdes Net Worth


Soon she recorded her first self titled album, which became one of the most popular at iTunes.

By the way, Lourdes wanted to become an actress and was almost casted to the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, but her mother Madonna hadn’t allowed her daughter to participate in the movie. She wanted Lourdes to concentrate on her studying.

Lourdes Salary

Lourdes net worth is estimated as $300, 000 by Forbes. The girl earns her living, selling her fashionable clothes. Her self-titled album became internationally popular and that’s why her net worth can increase soon. The teenager Lourdes wants to try her hand as an actress too. So, probably, she will add one more credit to her resume.

Lourdes Houses

  1. Rented apartment in LA – $3, 000 per month

    Lourdes Net Worth


Lourdes hasn’t bought a house yet. She lives in a rented apartment. The girl likes to spend free time with her friends. Thus not long ago she visited Beyonce concert and made fun.

Lourdes Cars

There’s no information about her car make.

But she is reasonable enough and her mother, Madonna, can trust her.

We wish Lourdes to go her own path and gather her own net worth.


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