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To lose or to gain – what does Beckham’s family purchase means?

The latest news is about the house in the South France that Beckham’s family is selling for $3,112,051 after the huge renovation, which took place after the couple decided to buy the villa.

The location is suitable for family rest, far from big cities and industrial dust, hidden in olive hills, close to the sea beach – in the Provence-Alpes, on the downside of romantic France.


House in the South France

The other conveniences include 6 spacey bedrooms, around 75 minutes to Nice, where one can find much entertainment, and Toulon airport, which is appropriate for adults to flight immediately if needed. But the family prefers to stay in London or Los Angeles more often, than here; so, they consider it to be no use of owning the house. One more interesting fact is it was built in the 19th century, so a kind of antique charm is presented.

The material side of the deal they try to make is the expenses, or more correctly to say the material lost, which can be counted as $5,316,419 if the total cost for sale – $3,112,051 won’t be changed. The renovation previously demanded quite a solid amount of money – nearly $6,483,439 to be paid for all modern conveniences, which were brought by a great repair.


House in the South France

Being a former player of Manchester United, David Beckham doesn’t leave football at all, holding the variety of project, connected with sport. The upcoming, for example, is building a private stadium in Miami, exactly in the Overtown district, which soon should be finished.

Despite the fact he is no more the leading player; his income is lust growing with each passing year. Nowadays the net worth is estimated $350,000,000, mostly to be brought by endorsement business.

The decision was made probably spontaneous, but anyway it is done. How the things will go further cannot be predicted, so it may be just assumed, the family will find a better place to rest at, due to the fact they own a big number of property in other touristic and sunny countries.


House in the South France

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