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Lindsey Graham net worth

Lindsey Graham net worth is $1.5 million.

Lindsey GrahamDate of Birth: July 9, 1955

Nationality: American

Religion: Southern Baptist

He is a self-made man, who was the first one in his family to attend the college. He adopted his 13 year old sister, when his parents died. He served in U. S. Army forces and got the rank of colonel. Now Lindsey Graham struggles for the presidency of USA. He is really worth it!

Lindsey Graham Biography

Lindsey Graham biography shows, that he is a respectable candidate. His full name is Lindsey Olin Graham. He was born on the 9th of July in 1955. His parents, Millie and Florence Graham, owned a restaurant in Central, South Carolina. They had two children, a son, Lindsey, and a daughter, who was 8 years younger.

The future Colonel attended D. W. Daniel High School. There he was a successful pupil, that’s why after graduation he decided to attend college, being the first member of his family, who got higher education. After college the fellow entered the University of South Carolina, where he got degree in law in 1977.

In 1982 he started his service in U. S. Air Forces. There he served as an officer and as a military lawyer. Two years later he was sent to Europe, where he served during 4 years. When he returned home, he started to work as a lawyer.

Bret Baier interview with Lindsey Graham

In 1994 Lindsey Graham started his career in politics. He was elected for House of Representatives. He became quite popular there. His main political ideas were to decrease the tax burden for citizens of USA and to defend his country. Congressman Lindsey Graham presented third congressional district of South Carolina since 1995 to 2003.

In 1995 he was sent to Iraq for a short term as a member of U. S. Force Reserves. He completely retired from the army in 2015, being on service during 33 years.

In 2002 Lindsey Graham for senate was elected. He became the top-voter in South Carolina as millions of Americans supported his candidacy. He was reelected twice as a Senator, in 2008 and 2014.

In June, 2015 he started his race for the post of President.

Lindsey Graham


Per year: $200,000
Per month: $17,000
Per week: $4, 250
Per day: $607

Lindsey Graham is worth $1, 5 million in general. He makes about $600 per day. In fact, earnings of Senator and Colonel are quite modest. In comparison with other senators he is not so rich. How does he earn his living now and how he made his net worth?

He started to make his net worth, when he worked as a military lawyer. His salary was then about $114, 000 per year. Later he increased his earrings, when started to work as a Congressman. He got then about $174,000 per year.
Lindsey Graham

Now he gets $193,000 annually as a senator. Since June, 2015 Lindsey Graham also gets $2, 773 of pension per month as a retired reservist.

Thus, the candidate for Presidency is a billionaire, although his net worth is not so impressive, as other candidates have. How does he spend that money?


Most part of his money Lindsey Graham spends for his family. But when he tells “family” he means his younger sister, Darlene, her husband and his two nephews. In fact, Lindsey Graham family is also consisting of his aunt and uncle, who helped him to bring up Darlene, when he lost his parents.

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham and his sister, Darlene

His mother died, when the fellow was just 20. She had Hodgkin’s lymphoma and died at the age of 52. 15 months later her husband followed her. His death was caused by heart attack. Lindsey was just 21 and his sister Darlene was just 13, when they left alone. Lindsey and his sister moved to Seneca (that is 12 miles west from their native town). There his aunt and uncle lived. They helped the fellow to care about his sister. Later Lindsey adopted her. Darlene said in her interview, that her brother is a responsible and kind person, who tried his best to grow her up. It was a hard burden for a young fellow, that’s why he couldn’t save his parents business – and thus he went bust.

Being a senator, Lindsey Graham worked on safety-net programs to help people, who have hard times, to save their business. Besides he is known as the person who always struggles for reducing taxes. His political ideas are explained by his hard period, when he lost his parents and had to survive.

Now his sister lives in Lexington with her husband and two children. She hopes to hear one day that Lindsey Graham married, but her brother remains single. He had never been married – and this fact seems strange to his electorate. The experts say the absence of Lindsey Graham wife can be the reason of his failure at the elections.

Lindsey Graham gave an interview, where he told that “being single doesn’t make a person defective”, although he agreed that most of Americans think, if the person is not partnered to a certain age, it is something wrong with him.

Some comedian actors jokes, that Lindsey Graham gay is, and it is the explanation of his loneness. The politician denies these rumors, telling “he isn’t a gay”.

Lindsey Graham House

As for property, it seems that senator is not interested in getting expensive things. He doesn’t own an expensive car and he has never had IPhone or Blackberry.

His residence is in Seneca. There he owns a small house and still he pays his debt mortgage that is between $1115, 000 to $300,000.

He is Republican, although his political views are contradictory. First of all Lindsey Graham is known as the defendant of USA.

Lindsey Graham Car

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

Security of United States is the main value for the reservist, that’s why he criticizes too loyal policy of Barack Obama. Lindsey Graham: “Obama counterterrorism strategy slammed. At a time when we need resolve the most, we’re sounding retreat.”
Lindsey Graham

They say, Lindsey Graham has poor chances to win, but he had poor chances as a senator too, So, nothing is impossible!

Lindsey Graham Interview: ‘Trump Would Be A Terrible President’

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