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Larry Ellison Net Worth

Larry Ellison Net Worth

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison net worth is $49 billion dollars.

Date of birth: 17 August, 1944 (Age: 71)

Place of birth: Bronx, NY, USA

Nationality: American

Religion: Jewish

Source of wealth: Oracle

Larry Ellison Salary

Per year: $1

Per month: $0, 08

Per week: $0, 02

Per day: $0, 003

Like many other millionaires, Larry Ellison works for $1 dollar per day. He is known not just as a talented programmer, but also as a person of unusual lifestyle. He spends millions per yachts, which occupy the leading places in competitions, owns great car collection (most of cars he gets as a gift from car producing companies) and has numerous mansions almost in each country of our planet.

Larry Ellison Net Worth

Larry Ellison

Unlike other billionaires, he tells loudly about his passion to money. “I like to be a rich person, it is much better than to be poor. I own billions and it is a problem for me, how to spend them. When you own at least $10 million, you can forget about financial problems and enjoy luxurious and care free life. But $10 million is small money for me now!”

Larry was born by teen mom, who had never been married. She was not interested in her new born son and soon the baby got pneumonia. The girl decided to give him for adoption.

Thus Larry was raised by his aunt and uncle.

He was an unusual person from the earliest years. Small genius, he dreamed to become rich and draw various schemes in an old copybook, which had to help the boy to become a millionaire.

Finally, he had an idea! Like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, he felt that programming is a big niche, which will make a poor student extremely rich in a couple of month. But if his colleagues created new programs in old garages, Larry rented a luxurious office in a huge building. He had talent to convince, and he used it to sell his new program, “Oracle”. “Oracle” is a huge data base, which can answer any question you ask within several seconds. Thus, you can find the best supermarket in the nearest area, the tastiest cheese and the cheapest car.

At first his clients were medium class businessmen, but later he managed to sell his program to IBM. Thus he has become a billionaire within a month.

How much is Larry Ellison worth?

In 2014 Larry left the post of Oracle CEO. For his last year in the company he got $67,3 million of so called “farewell salary”. But Ellison, a well known philanthropist, spent his money for charity.

His net worth is estimated by Forbes as $49 billion dollars.

Larry Ellison Houses

1. Porcupine Creek – $55 million

Larry Ellison House

Larry Ellison. Porcupine Creek

2. Malibu mansion – $200 million

Larry Ellison House

Larry Ellison. Malibu mansion

3. Turkey Lane Mansion – $23 million

Larry Ellison Home

Larry Ellison. Turkey Lane Mansion 

4. Beechwood Mansion – $10, 5 million

Larry Ellison House

Larry Ellison. Beechwood Mansion

5. Woodside Mansion – $10 million

Larry Ellison Home

Larry Ellison. Woodside Mansion

6. San Francisco Home – $4 million

Larry Ellison House

Larry Ellison. San Francisco Home

The list of Larry Ellison houses can be enumerated for ages. He also owns a massive car park; he has lots of yachts and can boast with two military jets.

Larry Ellison Cars

1. McLaren F1 – $3, 5 million

Larry Ellison Car

Larry Ellison. McLaren F1 

2. Acura NSX – $150, 000

Larry Ellison Car

Larry Ellison. Acura NSX

… and many others.

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