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How rich is Lady Gaga?

 Lady Gaga Net Worth is $250 million.

Lady Gaga Net WorthDate of Birth: March 28, 1986

Nationality: American

Religion: Catholic

The woman is only 29, so to earn such a net worth to such an early age looks quite impressive, you know. Lady Gaga makes her money by signing and song writing. Music is her cup of tea, as the girl started to play the piano, when she was just 4!

Lady Gaga was born in New York in spring, 1986. Then she was called Stefani Germanotta. She was born in a family of internet entrepreneur, Joseph Germanotta and Cindy Bisset, who worked in telecommunications at Verizon. Stefani has got a younger sister, Natali.

The girl attended the school in New York, called Convent of the Sacred Heart. She was fond of music from the earliest years and at the age of 13 she wrote her first music ballad. Stefani’s mother supported her daughter all the time and inspired her to care about her appearance as well. Later Lady Gaga told in her interviews that fashion inspiration she got from her mother. Now the singer is known by her fantastical costumes as well.

When Lady Gaga was 18, she entered New York University. In a year the girl dropped it and made up her mind to devote herself to music. The future star worked as a waitress and spent her free time visiting various record companies in order to sign the deal for releasing of her songs.

When the girl was 20, she signed her first contract with Interscope and released her first hit “Just Dance”. It was her first step to music stardom.
Lady Gaga Net Worth

Lady Gaga Salary

Per year: $59 million
Per month: $4, 916 million
Per week: $1, 180 million
Per Day: $236, 000

The salary of Lady Gaga seems fantastic to most of people. But she is one of the most popular singers in the world now, so it looks quite fair. How does Lady Gaga earn her money?

First of all, she earns by touring. Tours of Lady Gaga are attended by people all over the world. Thus, her “Monster’s Ball Show” tour brought her more than $100 million dollars.

Then Lady Gaga earns by selling her alums. Thus, her debut album became platinum several times. It means, she sold more than 12 million copies of it. It brings her $10-$15 million per year.

Lady Gaga is not just the signer; she is also a songwriter, so she gets money from radio rotation of her songs as the author. Songs of Lady Gaga are heard from every corner in every country, so just imagine, how much money the star makes from it! Rotations of her songs on radio and TV bring her another $10-$15 million per year.

Some money the star makes, when she shills some products for famous companies. Thus, she presents the sunglasses of Polaroid, phones for VirginMobile etc. They say, some Russian millionaire had paid her $1 million to take part in one of her videos. These commercial projects bring Lady Gaga about $5 million per year.
Lady Gaga Net Worth

Really, nowadays the star can do nothing and make millions from selling her disks and advertising various products. But several years later she worked very hard to make her name popular. She became well known due to her unique albums.

Discography Best

Lady Gaga albums can be called unique. Her debut album became very popular, because three singles from this album became number one hits. It is an extraordinary success. So, what are the best disks of Lady Gaga and how much did she earn on each of them?

“Fame” – $15 million
The debut album of Lady Gaga can easily be called a commercial success. She sold more than 12 million copies of it. As the author, she makes some extra money on rotation of her songs.
Lady Gaga Net Worth Fame album

This album contained several hits that were number one in musical chats of many countries all over the world. “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” still remain popular.
Lady Gaga Net Worth Poker Face

“Born this Way” – $10 million
The second album of the star can also be called unique, but the signer earned a little less for it. Some hits were generated by this album too. Thus the people in night clubs of Europe danced under her “The Edge of Glory” and “Judas” all year long.

Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory

“ARTROP”, the third album of Lady Gaga, was quite contradictory and that’s why it was not so successful as her previous works. But still Lady Gaga remains one of the most high-paid pop artists in the world. She seems to have talent to moneymaking.

Lady Gaga doesn’t forget to spend some amount of her money for charity. Her mother and she are co-partners of the charity organization “Born This Way Foundation”. She spends more than $1 million per year for charity. Lady Gaga is a born leader, she dreams to change the world for better. She is a smart and talented woman, who was awarded numerous times.

Lady Gaga Awards

Lady Gaga Grammy awards form a small collection that she keeps carefully. She is the owner of five Grammy Awards. It sounds impressive for 29 year old artist, doesn’t it?
Lady Gaga Net Worth Grammy award

“Best Dance Recording”, “Best Dance Album” and other awards Lady Gaga got for her debut album. Later she added Grammy Awards for her second album. The singers never forget to thank to her audience for her professional success. “I love my fans so much”, she tells in her interviews to popular issues.
Lady Gaga Net Worth MTV award

Lady Gaga also owns 13 MTV Awards. She is one of the most awarded pop artists in the world nowadays.
Her awards show, that people like eccentric Lady. They get her singles, download her albums and visit her concerts. It gives Lady Gaga an opportunity to buy expensive things. Thus she is an owner of several houses.

Lady Gaga Homes

New York Penthouse – $22, 000 per rent (monthly)
Lady Gaga house in New York is the official residence of a singer. In fact, she is not the owner of the duplex penthouse. She rents it for $22, 000 per months. She lives there with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.
Lady Gaga Net Worth house
Lady Gaga Net Worth house

Malibu Mansion – $23 million
The house looks awesome. It has many bedrooms and bathrooms. Besides Lady Gaga enjoys playing bowling there, as there’s bowling alley in the yard and wine cellar with more than 700 bottles of rare wine!
Lady Gaga Net Worth house
Lady Gaga Net Worth house

They say, Lady Gaga is going to buy the castle in Scotland as well. She likes this country and dreams to have a property there. Except castles, Lady Gaga is also the lover of expensive cars.

Lady Gaga Cars

Lady Gaga car collection consists of 7 cars. Some of them are very expensive!
Lincoln Mkz – $1,341
The car of Lady Gaga is not the most expensive and not the fastest. But the star likes its cushioned cozy salon and powerful engine.
Chevrolet Suburban – $2,912
Chevrolet is one of the most favorite trademarks of Lady Gaga. She keeps one of the latest models in her garage and rides it from time to time.
Mercedes-Benz GL450 – $67,125.
What can be better than Mercedes? Lady Gaga earned enough to buy one of them. The car is reliable and respectable. What else can a star wish?
Lady Gaga Net Worth car
Lady Gaga Net Worth
Lady Gaga Net Worth car

Sometimes she rides Porsche Panamera. Rolls-Royce Corniche III and Audi R8 are also in her garage.
Lady Gaga is not just a talented singer. She is a successful business lady and that’s why she managed to earn a lot!

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