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Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim Kardashian net worth is $85 million.

Kim Kardashian Net WorthDate of Birth: October, 21st, 1980

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

For sure, you know her beautiful face and curvy body. Kim Kardashian is considered one of the most beautiful women nowadays. Besides she is one of the richest. Kardashian net worth is more than $85 million.

Kim told in her interviews, that her parents put high standards in front of her, that’s why she knew from the very childhood, she is going to become successful.

Kim Kardashian is known by her reality shows. She is an actress, a model and very beautiful socialite, who is compared with Paris Hilton.

The future star was born in autumn in 1980. She was the second daughter of Robert and Kris Kardashian. Later they had two more children.

The family was rich and prosperous. They lived in Beverly Hills, California. Kim’s father used to be an attorney. Her mother was a TV person, besides she owned children’s boutique. When Kim was little, she had never thought about stardom. Parents tried to make their children faithful. They attended church every Sunday and studied well at school. Later Kim’s parents got divorced and her mother married another man, Olympic star, Bruce Jenner. They had two children together.

The first fame came to Kim, when she and all the other members of her family took part in the huge reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. She, her sisters, a brother, a mother and a father showed their home family life in front of the cameras. Kim was noticed for her beautiful curvy body. She was offered to appear nude in Playboy. The newborn star of reality show agreed. Thus she started her way to stardom that brought millions to her.
Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim Kardashian Salary

Per year: $28 million
Per month: $2, 3 million
Per week: $575,000
Per day: $82, 142

How much is Kim Kardashian worth? No wonder, people ask this question. Since 2008 Kim Kardashian is one of the most googled personalities. She has more than $80 million. What does an actress and model do to make such a great salary?

Kim Kardashian seems to be a money making machine. She gets $40, 000 per episode in her reality show. Besides she has a line of clothes, she sells her perfume, offers to young girls DVD-s with workouts and has a jewelry line. Kim Kardashian has numerous endorsement deals and modeling deals that bring her millions.

Kim Kardashian receives a lot of money, just for her appearance at some social events. Thus, she has got $500, 000 for her appearance at public event in Nigeria. Kim Kardashian makes money for her tweets either. Thus the actress receives $10, 000 for her tweet. If the star tweets several times a day, she makes an annual salary of an average American just in several minutes.Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim knows everything about money making. Thus, she sold her wedding photos with NBA player Kris Humphries for $18 million. Their marriage was not long (72 days), but millions at Kim’s account helped her to cope with it.
Kim has millions now and she is not going to stop. “I have much more work to do” she told in her interview to “Forbes”.

Kim Kardashian knows how to earn money. She also knows how to spend them. The star buys Balenciaga bags for her infant daughter and jewelry for herself. Thus, Kim Kardashian engagement ring worth varies from 3 to 8 million dollars. The giant diamond of the engagement ring was the way Kanye West expressed his love to Kim. But jewelry and clothes are not the only passion of the star. She also has luxurious houses and many expensive cars!
Kim Kardashian Net Worth engagement ring

Kim Kardashian Houses

1. Beverly Hills mansion – $4.8 million
They say, Kim is going to sell the mansion. It is big and comfortable enough. The residence has a big roomy dining room, six bedrooms, many living rooms, a spa room, where the star prepares to her reality shows, many fireplaces and a media room. There are many large windows in the house, because Kim likes fresh air.
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house

2. Bel Air Mansion – $11 million
This place is going to be the official residence of Kim Kardashian, her small daughter and a husband. They say, Kim is going to get pregnant one more time soon. There’s enough place at the mansion for two children of the couple and even more! Kim is going to rebuild the house and create a villa in Italian style here soon.
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house
Kim Kardashian Net Worth house

Kim Kardashian Cars

Kim Kardashian likes to drive fast. She likes speed and drives rapidly in spite of the fact that her stepfather was involved into a fatal car crash not long ago, when one woman died and other 8 people were injured because of his too fast ride. But sad experience of her father taught her nothing, that’s why Kim drives very fast. She has many expensive cars in her garage.
1. Range Rover – $71,096
2. Porsche Panamera Turbo – $181,295
3. Rolls Royce Phantom Series II – $420,325
4. Rolls Royce Ghost – $260,000
5. Mercedes G63 – $137,150
6. Maserati GranTurismo Convertible – $134,625
7. Ferrari Italia – $325,000
8. Bentley Continental – $196,225
Kim Kardashian Net Worth car
Kim Kardashian Net Worth car
Kim Kardashian Net Worth car
Kim Kardashian Net Worth car
Kim Kardashian Net Worth car

Kim Kardashian Net Worth car

Kim Kardashian has just finished the tenth season of her reality show. She is young, beautiful, successful and very rich – what else can a person wish?

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