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Kim Clijsters Net Worth

Kim Clijsters net worth is $10 Million.

Date of Birth: 8 June, 1983Kim Clijsters

Nationality: Belgian

Religion: Non religious

She retired from professional tennis in 2007 but then returned to win. And she won in 2009 three Grand Slam single titles. Now she is one of the richest tennis players in the world. How she managed to achieve that amount on her account?

Kim Clijsters Biography

Kim Antonie Lode Clijsters’s birth date is on the 8th of June in 1983. Now she is 32 years old, she is a wife and a mother.

The girl was prepared to make career in sport since childhood. She was born in the family of sportsmen. Her father, Lei Clijsters, was a soccer player. Her mother, Els Vandecaetsbeek, was gymnastics champion.

The girl lived in Bilzen (Belgium). She got interested in tennis, when she was just 6. At first her father trained her, but then the young talented girl caught attention of professional coach, Bart Van Kerckhoven. He persuaded girl’s parents to let her to visit his lessons several times per week. As a result in 1994 Kim won junior championship in her country. That very time tennis player Kim Clijsters decided to devote her life to sport. She started to visit Wilrijk tennis school.
Kim Clijsters

Being extremely successful as junior tennis player, Kim wanted to make her debut as professional player. Kim Clijsters tennis turned from hobby into profession in 1999, when she took part in Women’s Tennis Association tour. She appeared at quarterfinals, but lost to Sarah Pitkowski. She also took part at Wimbledon, where she lost to Steffi Graf and at the U.S. Open. Kim played quite well, but Serena Williams appeared to be better.

Nevertheless she won Grand Slam in 2005. After that the tennis star announced the news, she was going to retire. Kim wanted to get married, to become a mother of several great children and to start another business – not as nervous as sports.

In 2009 her father died. He had cancer. Tennis star was frustrated. She decided to come back to court. Her return was very successful. She won 3 more Grand Slams, before she finally retired in 2012.

Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters Salary

Per year: $3.5 million

Per month: $292, 000

Per week: $72, 916

Per day: $10, 000

Kim player is good in money making. She earned $3, 5 million in 2011, when she won the Open and Tour Championship. The next year she lost because of abdominal injury and that’s why her earnings were much lower.

Now the star gets her money just due to her endorsement deals. She is also a Belgian tournament. But mostly Kim devotes her free time to her son and husband.

Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters Personal Life

Kim Clijsters husband is Brian Lynch. They got married in 2007. Earlier Kim was engaged to another man, Lleyton Hewitt, a tennis player, but they cancelled the wedding.

Later Kim met American basketball player, Brian Lynch. They started to live together and Kim got pregnant. The couple was so happy to have a child! They got married in 2007, when Kim was just 24. The couple decided to make the ceremony extremely private. They invited just the members of their families. Their siblings were witnesses.
Kim Clijsters

Soon Kim gave a birth to her daughter, Jada. The woman enjoyed a new role of a mother, but then she decided to come back to court.

After her second retirement in 2012 Kim Clijsters got pregnant again. In 2013 she gave a birth to her second child – a son Jack Leon Lynch. Kim and Brian have a happy family. They live together in a big house in Belgium.

Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters Houses

Kim Clijsters is not the lover of cars. The tennis star had a terrible car accident, when her small vehicle (it is not known, what car she used) was almost smashed by a big truck. The tennis player was slightly injured, but her manager, who drove a car, was cut quite seriously. The experts say that was the reason, why the star lost championship in 2012 and decided to retire.

As for houses, Kim Clijsters and her husband own a house in Tongeren, Belgium. Not long ago they bought a mansion in New Jersey.

Mansion Baileys Corner Road, Wall Township, NJ – $ 772,000

The house has one floor. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is roomy and very cozy. The wooden floor in the bedrooms and in the living room creates a warm atmosphere in the house. The premises of the mansion are decorated in yellow and white colors.

Kim Clijsters house

The kitchen is not big, but light and well equipped. There’s also a bar area in the house. In the yard a great orchard is situated. There’s a swimming pool too. The house is equipped with a wine cellar, so we can be sure, Kim Clijsters and her husband have a great opportunity to relax after a long working day.

Kim Clijsters Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

They say, Kim Clijsters career didn’t show her best at the court. Although the star was ranked No 1 tennis player, she could try a little more to disclose her talent.

Probably, from the first days of her career Kim dreamed to be a wife and a mother. And now she enjoys her calm family life in a big mansion with her husband and two children.

Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters Interview

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