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How much money Kaskade has?

Kaskade net worth is $20 million dollars.

Date of Birth: 25 February, 1971 (Age: 45)

Nationality: American

Religion: Mormon

Kaskade Net Worth


Kaskade, or Ryan Raddon, was born in 1971 in Chicago, IL. He came from a middle-class family and grew up with a twin brother, who later has become a film producer.

Ryan got interested in music making since childhood. After school he entered Brigham Young University. He worked as a DJ during the years of his studying.

Kaskade Net Worth


Being a devoted Mormon, he went to Japan with a religious mission. Ryan continued his education after coming back to USA.

He moved to San Francisco in order to precede his career of a musician. He served as an assistant at OM Records. Later he started to work as a DJ. He took a moniker “Kaskade” after the waterfall he saw in the book.

In 2003 he released his first studio album “It’s You, It’s Me”. It made him popular and prosperous.

Kaskade Net Worth


DJ is married. He is a father of 3 children and earns money per them.

Kaskade was called the best DJ in USA in 2011.

How Much Is Kaskade Worth or Kaskade Salary

Per year: $4, 1 million

Per month: $342, 000

Per week: $85, 417

Per day: $12, 202

Kaskade Net Worth


Kaskade is becoming richer from year to year, selling his albums worldwide. For now he has released 9 studio albums, most of which became popular.

Kaskade earns enough from his worldwide tours too. For now he has taken part in 7 worldwide tours.

Kaskade gets about $400, 000 for various endorsement deals. He gets money per appearance in music shows and per interviews to popular magazines.

Kaskade Net Worth


Kaskade main source of income is selling of his albums.

Kaskade Salary per Album

Kaskade sold numerous albums all over the world. Here are some of his albums and his earnings per them:

1. Dynasty – $2, 4 million

Kaskade Net Worth

Kaskade Dynasty Album Cover

2. Dance. Love – $2, 8 million

Kaskade Net Worth

Kaskade Dance. Love Album Cover

3. Fire and Ice – $3, 7 million

Kaskade Net Worth

Kaskade Fire and Ice Album Cover

4. Atmosphere – $4, 9 million

Kaskade Net Worth

Kaskade Atmosphere Album Cover

5. Redux – $6, 1 million

Kaskade Net Worth

Kaskade Redux

One of the most successful DJ-s in the world, Kaskade is rumored to earn about $225, 000 per each his concert or night gig at the club. Some of his singles were used as soundtracks to video games, which brought some extra millions to the star’s bank account.

The owner of multi million net worth, Kaskade is a very religious person. That’s why he is not the lover of luxury. Nevertheless, he is the owner of some expensive things.

Kaskade Net Worth


Kaskade Houses

1. House in LA – $2, 6 million

Kaskade house

Kaskade House in LA

Kaskade Cars

1. Ferrari – $400, 000

Kaskade car

Kaskade Ferrari

The star Kaskade lives with his wife and children in a comfortable house in LA. There’s a swimming pool in the yard of his house.

Kaskade is the owner of fast and incredibly beautiful Ferrari. He drives it from time to time.

DJ Kaskade tries his best to remain one of top DJ-s in USA and all over the world.

Kaskade Net Worth


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