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Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

Karl Lagerfeld net worth is $125 million.

Karl Lagerfeld Net WorthDate of Birth: September 10, 1933

Nationality: German

Religion: polytheist

Karl Lagerfeld fashion can be called unique. His career has been lasting during 6 decades already and the professional way of the designer was full of triumph. Karl Lagerfeld lives in the world capital of fashion nowadays, but he was born in Hamburg, Germany.

Karl Lagerfeld is a son of Elizabeth and Otto Lagerfeld. He also has a sister, Christel. The boy lived in a wealthy family. Lagerfelds were not billionaires, but they have enough money to send their children to study in a prestigious private school. Otto was a successful businessman, who sold condensed milk. His earnings remained high even during World War II. Karl Lagerfeld was interested in drawing since the earliest years. Later he moved to Paris to study in the University there. A famous designer has a degree in history and drawing.

When the fellow was just 22, he started to create his first collections of clothes. He worked for the brand of Pierre Balmain. The first collections of talented designer were criticized. His love to high collars seemed ridiculous and pretentious. The first success came to the designer in 1973, when he created collection for Chloe. Since then the name of Karl Lagerfeld is the synonym of beauty and quality. In 1983 he was invited as the head designer for Chancel fashion house. It was the climax of his career. After that deal his net worth reached stars.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

Karl Lagerfeld Salary

Per year: $58 million
Per month: $4, 8 million
Per week: $1,2 million
Per day: $175 000
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has different sources of income. The most part of his salary he gets from Chanel fashion house and Chloe fashion house. He serves for both as head designer. Karl Lagerfeld has been serving during 30 years already for Chanel and he has been working over 50 years for Chloe.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

But the salary at popular and very rich fashion houses is not the only one source of his income. Karl Lagerfeld has some investments that bring millions to him annually. Besides he has some endorsement deals with CoverGirl (cosmetics) and other brands. The old gentleman also has his own line of clothes (“Karl Lagerfeld Seduction”), he rules several restaurants, joined in a chain, called “Fat Lagerfeld Burger” and sells his own perfume, named “With Love from Karl”. He even produces his own Vodka, named “Pure Wonderlagerfeld” and owns a football team. These deals and investments help 80 year old Karl Lagerfeld remain one of the richest people in fashion industry.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

Karl Lagerfeld Achievements

Karl Lagerfeld has been a leading designer during 6 decades already. His talent helped him to make unique career in fashion industry. He is associated with Chanel trade mark even more, than Coco Chanel herself.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

During his hard work for this fashion house, he created marvelous collections that the richest women in the world used to wear. It was he, who opened for the world famous model, Claudia Schiffer. He is in love with Chanel trade mark and creates various films about this fashion house. During his long career he was praised numerous times by critics. He has lovers of his collections in every country all over the world. During his long career he has got an award “Bambi – Creativity”, one of the most prestigious awards in fashion.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth

Now Karl Lagerfeld worth is $125 million and he spends them with pleasure!

Karl Lagerfeld Houses

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his passion to get new mansions and apartments and then sell them. He owned numerous houses all over the world. Just now the designer has one house and two apartments.

1. Grand Isle – $500,000
The house was built in 1850 and that’s why it has a historic value either. The house is made of red brick; it looks very cozy, when you come closer. The house is luxurious inside. It is furnished with extremely expensive tables, sofas and beds. Karl Lagerfeld tells, he feels like a hunter, when he sees some valuable thing and he does everything to bring it home. That’s why his house is full of expensive, luxurious things. Karl Lagerfeld also collects art works, so you can notice very expensive pictures from famous painters on the walls of this house.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth house
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth house

The house is surrounded by a small apple garden. There are some pear trees there too.

2. Paris apartment – $21.7 million
Karl Lagerfeld owned more than 20 apartments in Paris. Finally he has found the place of residence, where he lives together with his cat, Choupette. The designer has been alone for ages. In 1989 his longtime partner, Jacques de Bascher, died and the master remained alone. Once he told, if he could, he would marry his cat.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth house
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth house

The apartment in Paris has 9 bedrooms. It has been decorated with extremely expensive beds and armchairs. Karl Lagerfeld told, he created there “his personal Versailles”.

New York Apartment of the master was sold in 2013 for $4, 5 million to an investor, Sebastian Barrack.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth house
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth house

Karl Lagerfeld Cars

Maybach Landaulet – $1.35 million
Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – $315,000

Being extremely stylish and elegant, Karl Lagerfeld has his own unique image. He chooses the cars as formidable as himself to emphasize that image. The lover of luxurious beautiful things has chosen these cars not occasionally. They suit him perfectly.
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth car
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth car
Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth car

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most recognizable faces in modern fashion. He is more than 80 years old already and he doesn’t seem to leave his posts.

The Big Interview: Karl Lagerfeld

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