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John Kasich Net Worth

John Kasich net worth is $2.5 million.John Kasich Net Worth

Date of Birth: 13 May, 1952

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

 His net worth is much lower than that one of his wife and two daughters. In general Kasich family has a net worth between $10 and $22 million.

John Kasich Biography

John Kasich was born in 1952, on the 13th of May in McKees Rocks, PA. He was a son of Anna Vukovich and John Kasich, Sr., a mailman.

In his early years the boy was smart and talented. He attended public school in his hometown, where he was extremely successful in math. After graduating he left his native town and moved to Ohio, where he entered Ohio State University. There he got bachelor degree in political science.

He started to make career in politics at the young age. When the fellow was just 26, he has already become the senator in Ohio.

He was also extremely successful as investing banker. The young man very soon became rich due to his talent of money making.

As for religion, John Kasich was brought up as Catholic. But he was not too religious. His faith got even weaker after the death of his parents. Both of them were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. Now John Kasich is Christian, but he doesn’t visit church very often.
John Kasich Net Worth

As for family life, John Kasich was married twice. In 1975 he married Mary Lee Griffith. They got divorced in 1980. It was John’s wife, who initiated the divorce process. They had no children.

In 1997 John Kasich married again. Karen Waldbillig, hospital communications consultant, became his second wife and a mother of his two daughters, Reese and Emma. They are twins.

Daughters and wife support John Kasich. But he is supported not just by his family members. John Kasich approval rating in his native Ohio is 62%. It means that his voters are satisfied with the work of their governor.

John Kasich Net Worth John Kasich Net Worth

His work is valued not just in ratings, but also in financial equivalent. John Kasich has earned more than $200,000 this year.

John Kasich Salary

Per year: $250,000

Per month: $20,900

Per week: $5,300

Per day: $745

As the congressman, John Kasich gets $144,269 of salary. Besides he gets income from various assets and funds he owns. Although the most part of family funds and assets belong to John’s wife and daughters (at least they are registered in their names), Franklin Ohio T/F Income Fund nevertheless belongs to John.

Before he started making his career in policy, John Kasich made his fortune as investment banker. He used to be Fox News analyst and managing director at the Lehman Brothers bank. Then his annual income was about $500,000 per year.
John Kasich Net Worth

But John Kasich is not the only one, who earns money in his family. His wife, Karen, has stocks in such successful companies as Procter and Gamble, L Brands and some others. Thus Kasich family is one of the richest in USA. But John Kasich works tirelessly to earn his salary. Governor Kasich has a lot of professional achievements.

John Kasich Achievements

He started his career in politics at the age of 26, becoming the youngest member of Ohio Senate. Then he was elected as senator for 9 terms. From 1983 to 2001 he was the member of US Congress, Ohio.

During his career of a politician, John Kasich achieved a lot. Due to his talent of banker, he managed to increase the budget of Ohio without increasing tax rate. Besides he was skillful in creating new workplaces. During the years of his service, Ohio became the state, where it was easy to find a job.
John Kasich Net Worth

He is the member of Republican Party. His political views are typical for any republican. Thus he supports anti-abort rights and anti-gay rights.

He was the person, who issued such acts as Americans with Disabilities Act (1991), Federal Assault Weapons Ban (1994) and many others.

Now John Kasich takes part in a race for presidency 2016. It is his second campaign for this post. The first one was in 2000, but it was unsuccessful. Now John Kasich serves as the Governor of Ohio. But he doesn’t live in the Ohio Governor’s Mansion.
John Kasich Net Worth


John Kasich House

John Kasich is not so open, that’s why it is not known exactly, what cars and houses he owns. Now his family should live at the Ohio governor’s official residence.John Kasich Net Worth

  1. The Ohio governor’s official residence in Bexley

It is a great mansion, where the Governor of the state should live with his family. In fact, John Kasich is the second Governor since 1955, who doesn’t live in the place of official residence. He explains it by the fact, the mansion is much further from his daughters’ school, than his own house.

Nevertheless, John Kasich keeps the mansion in order, because he arranges there official parties and meetings. Thus to improve the Governor’s mansion, the administration of John Kasich has already spent $438,720 just in 2015. Governor John Kasich address (officially) is the mansion. But in fact he lives at Genoa Township home.
John KasichHouse

  1. Genoa Township home – $759,500

John Kasich polls show, that he has a chance to be elected in 2016. Then, probably, he would leave his 4,500 square foot home in Hoover Reservoir. The territory around the house is more than 10 acres.

Governor Kasich spends a lot for security, his own and his two daughters. Around-the-clock patrols guard Genoa Township home of the governor as well as his official mansion, where he doesn’t live, but he uses it for official ceremonies.

The net worth of John Kasich grows rapidly from year to year. Probably, it will become much bigger in case if he is successful in elections 2016.

John Kasich: GOP Debate, Iran Deal (Full Interview) | Meet The Press | NBC News

John Kasich Car

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

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