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Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth

Joe Garagiola Sr net worth is $6 million.

Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth

Joe Garagiola Sr.

Date of Birth: 12 February, 1926

Date of Death: 23 March, 2015 (Aged: 90)

Nationality: American

Religion: Catholic

Joe Garagiola Sr. Salary

Per year: $130, 000 (approximately)

Per month: $10, 833

Per week: $2, 708

Per day: $387

Joe Garagiola Sr. passed away in March this year. His two sons and a daughter stood up near his bed, when he closed his eyes. It was sad for them to see the end of his father. But they were happy for him, because he lived a bright and successful life.

Joe managed to gather $6 million net worth (according to “Times”). He left his money and his house to his children (he has three children) and grandchildren (he has 8 of them).

Joe Garagiola Sr. career can be divided into two periods. The first one is connected with his active baseball play and the second one is connected with television.

Garagiola was born in St. Louis in a middle class family. He got interested in playing baseball from his teens. It is interesting to know that the other famous player, Yogi Berra, lived in the same street. These two baseball stars were the reason, why soon their street was renamed into “Hall of Fame”.

Joe Garagiola Sr. earned his first money at the age of 16, when he was scouted by St. Louis Cardinals. He was sent to Kansas later to play for Fort Riley Centaurs. He was the best catcher and proved his star status during 9 seasons, when finally decided to leave professional baseball.

Nevertheless, his life has always been connected with baseball. He wrote two books about playing this game and served as a baseball broadcaster at NBC.

How Much Is Joe Garagiola Sr. Worth 

Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth

Joe Garagiola Sr.

Joe Garagiola Sr. had already been retired. That’s why his earnings were not so high. He got the major part of his income as the author of three successful books about baseball. The first one, “Baseball is a Funny Game” was, probably, ghostwritten, and Joe had just given his name to it. The others, “It’s Anybody’s Ballgame” and “Just Play Ball” were written by his own hand and were quite successful. He earned as an average book author, that’s why we estimated his income as around $130, 000 from selling of his books annually.

Joe Garagiola Sr. House

1. House in Phoenix, Arizona – $230, 000

Joe Garagiola Sr. Net Worth

Joe Garagiola Sr.

Joe Garagiola Sr. spent his last years in a comfortable house in Phoenix, Arizona, which he bought earlier, when he was a TV host. His last days were quite calm and peaceful. His children supported him and made his leaving no so painful.

He got numerous awards as a baseball player. He was talented and charismatic person and he deserved his net worth and fame.

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