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JK Rowling Net Worth

JK Rowling worth is $1 billion.

JK Rowling Net Worth   Date of Birth: July 31, 1965

Nationality: English

Religion: Christian

Harry Potter author was called the richest woman in the world by “Forbes” in 2014. Although this year her net worth diminished and she is not a billionaire probably, anymore, still the income of this woman is impressive. How did she earn her money?

Joanne “Jo” Rowling was born in Yate, Gloucestershire, England. Her father, Peter James Rowling, was a Rolls-Royce engineer and her mother, Anne Rowling, a science technician, had two daughters. They dreamed to have a rabbit, but parents refused to get the pet into their house. When Joanne was 6, she wrote a story about her Rabbit and his friend, Miss Bee. From that very age the girl understood, she wants to be a writer.

Several years later the Rowlings moved to Winterbourne, the village nearby. There the future writer and billionaire has spent her childhood. The girl entered Wyedean Comprehensive School. There she studied quite well and besides found the time for writing stories for her friends. Her favorite subject was English and she was also interested in French. Her mother advised the girl to study French deeply as it would give Joanne a chance to serve as bilingual secretary.

Joanne graduated from Exeter University and started to work as a secretary. She typed the documents in the office and after her work she typed the stories for young children. When the woman was 26, she left her job and went to Portugal to work as English teacher. There she started to write a novel about the unathletic boy, who was invited to study at school of Wizards.

In Portugal she met her husband and gave a birth to her daughter. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in several years. Joanne returned to England. She prepared for an unhappy fate of a single mother. She cared about her small daughter and was going to work as a French teacher at a local school. But before becoming a French teacher she promised to herself to finish her novel. The first story from Harry Potter franchise (“Harry Potter and Philosophic Stone”) was published in 1998 in England. Later Americans struggled for the rights to publish this book. Joanne Rowling could drop teaching.
JK Rowling Net Worth

Joanne Rowling Salary

Per year: $14 million
Per month: $1, 1 million
Per week: $280, 000
Per day: $56, 000
JK Rowling wealth seems to be unique. She used to be a commonplace teacher from countryside, but managed to become one of the richest women in the world. Most of her money she gets from franchise “Harry Potter”. She gets income from selling of the books about young wizard Harry Potter and besides she gets money from movies. There are 8 movies about Joanne’s hero. Harry Potter’s name is used for merchandising too. There’s also amusement park of Harry Potter in Florida. Harry Potter net worth is estimated as $15 billion and Joanne regularly gets percentage from this brand. Even if she has no successful book in future, the author can live from her earnings from Harry Potter brand.
JK Rowling Net Worth

Joanne Rowling Books

Of course, that major part of books of Joanne Rowling is devoted to Harry Potter. In general there are seven books about the young wizard. Every book describes one year of life of the boy. There are also movies about Harry Potter. There are 8 films about the hero (the last book was divided into two parts). The last book about Harry Potter was written in 2007.
JK Rowling Net Worth

The writer also has several stories for children that were not connected with the young wizard. She tried to write books for adults too. In September, 2012 she released her first book for adults, called “The Casual Vacancy”. The book consists of 7 chapters. The first one is started with death of local Pagford Parish Councilor. The other chapters are connected with elections of a new councilor. Social problems are raised in the book by the author. The book for adults of Joanne Rowling also became a bestseller. Joanne devoted this book to her second husband, Neil Michael Murray.

Joanne Rowling Awards

For her franchise “Harry Potter”, Joanne Rowling had got various awards. In 2001 she was awarded as the author of the best novel (Hugo Award for the Best Novel). Three times she got Kid’s Choice Award.
JK Rowling Net Worth

She also got awards from various universities (Exeter University, University of Edinburg etc). Joanne was also awarded by Harvard University. In 2008 she was invited to commencement ceremony of this University. In 2009 she got a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur from the French President.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

Joanne Rowling is a successful woman. She has enough money to get really expensive things.

JK Rowling Houses

1. Edinburgh home – $3, 5 million
The house was built in 19th century. It stands in the garden, so in summer children of the writer (there are three of them, the daughter from her first marriage and a son and a daughter from her second marriage) can walk there and have some rest under the tall trees. The mansion has two storeys.
JK Rowling Net Worth house
JK Rowling Net Worth house

2. Tasmania mansion – $10.7 million
The house is also the sample of the architecture of 19th century. It has 7 bedrooms, several living rooms and three bathrooms. There’s a farm around the house and several additional buildings on its territory. The house is situated at the river bank.
JK Rowling Net Worth house
JK Rowling Net Worth house
JK Rowling Net Worth house
JK Rowling Net Worth house
JK Rowling Net Worth house

JK Rowling Cars

1. Rolls Royce Phantom – $400,000
2. Range Rover – $70,990
Joanne’s father is a retired Rolls Royce engineer. No wonder that the richest woman in the world has chosen Rolls Royce Phantom for her home collection of cars. She is also the happy owner of Range Rover.
JK Rowling Net Worth car
JK Rowling Net Worth car

Joanne Rowling wasn’t poor in her childhood, but she knew the poverty, when remained single with a toddler in her hands. She managed to become a multi millionaire and even billionaire. A wonderful career, isn’t it?

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