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Jillian Harris to be called a mother

Being a successful TV leader and designer, helping other to become popular on the programs and improving somebody’s living was boring for this lady, so she decided to start one more additional project – parenting. Jillian gave Birth to her first child on Friday morning, boasting with this event on Instagram. She seemed to be quite happy as she wrote such lines: “World, meet Leo” – it turned out to be a boy, the son. About what was going to happen the star announced in March.

Jillian Harris First Child

The couple, Jillian and her boyfriend Justin Pasetto, was planning to have a kid, because their relationships are long and constant and they are capable now of baby’s future. Settling in Vancouver, the actress often appears in Hollywood, hosting the TV-running shows, such as “Canada’s Handyman Challenge”. To the other on-screen productions one can belong “Bachelorette” and “Love It or List It Vancouver”.

Besides, having some designer skills, Jillian presented to be a helpful hand on the project “Extreme Makeover…” The stuff she does brings not only moral satisfaction, but also wealth. Nowadays, the TV-series presenter can be proud of $2,000,000 material state, gained mostly from the on-screen productions. But still there are some improvements to the family budget, having lots of expenses connected with kid’s Birth. Hopefully, the couple will cope with it somehow and Jillian will bring still the joy to fans, releasing new and more interesting series, even after becoming the parent.

There some photos in the net, which can be easily find, from the period of her pregnancy and the first moment of Leo’s life. The can be also considered to bring her the income, because private information of stars is usually closed from public eye. But still being a mother is such a delightful process, that no one can stand sharing it.

Jillian Harris Child

Jillian with her beloved man and now a child stays in Vancouver, Canada in a big house, where not long ago from the Birth was a meeting – the relatives and close friends all together to spend some time as well as to have a baby shower.

So, hoping that everything will be alright, we all are eager to get some more additional news.

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