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Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth

Jennifer Lawrence net worth is $52 million.

Date of Birth: 15 August, 1990Jennifer Lawrence

Nationality: American

Religion: Non Religious

Jennifer Lawrence Bio

Jennifer Lawrence date of birth is the 15th of August, 1990. She was born in Louisville, KY. She is a daughter of a pollster Gary Lawrence and Karen Lawrence, a singer. The girl has two older brothers, Ben and Blaine.

Jennifer was beautiful from the very childhood, but she had never thought about becoming an actress. She attended the local school and was fond of sports. The future star took part in school performances; she was also involved in modeling.

Once she was in vacation in New York with her brothers and parents. She was just 14, when a stranger came to her parents and invited the girl to take part in some commercials. It was the chance that Jennifer Lawrence used without hesitation. She took part in videos for MTV and then got a small role thriller “Devil You Know” that was not even released.

Jennifer Lawrence has become a recognizable actress in 2007, when she was offered to act as Lauren Pearson in “The Bill Engvall Show”. From that moment Jennifer Lawrence filmography consists of box office hits. We can admire such Jennifer Lawrence films as “Garden Party”, “The Poker House” and “The Burning Plain”.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

In 2010 Jennifer Lawrence movie “The Winter’s Bone” was nominated for Academy Awards. The in 2012 she took part in one of the most successful franchises in the world “The Hunger Games”. Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games” has the leading role. She acts as Katniss Everdeen.

Jennifer Lawrence latest movie is “Joy”. Its director is David O. Russell. The story tells us about a girl, who managed to build her business empire in spite of all troubles she had to cope with. In 2013 young but promising actress Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar. Thus she has become one of the best young actresses in the world.

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Jennifer Lawrence Salary

Per year: $10 million

Per month: $834,000

Per week: $209,000

Per day:  $30,000

Jennifer Lawrence started her acting career, taking part in some unpopular TV shows, where she got minor roles. Then she appeared in the movie “X-Men: First Class” and it was her first hit. In 2012 actress Jennifer Lawrence got the leading part in the movie “The Hunger Games”. Then her salary was $500,000. Now the actress continues to take part in the franchise that got extremely popular. Her earnings increased a lot and every year her income keeps climbing up. Thus for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” Jennifer Lawrence got $10 million.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: First Class

The main source of her income is acting job, but the actress also earns as a model. She has endorsement deals with various international brands. Thus she is going to sign the deal with Dior that will make her $20 million richer.

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence

The actress was called the most beautiful woman in the world. She is just 25, but JLaw is already the owner of the most prestigious cinema awards like BAFTA Award, Academy Award and Golden Globe Award – she had two of them. Thus the young, but extremely talented actress joined the stardom so rapidly! The actress is multimillionaire now, but she has a big heart, so she spends a lot for charity. The woman is really beautiful and that’s why her personal life and love affairs are interesting to most of her fans!
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Personal Life

Jennifer Lawrence has never been married yet and has no children. She was in long term relationship with the actor Nicholas Hoult. They dated during two years but then split.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

In 2014 Jennifer started to date a musician Chris Martin. They were together during a year, but then the couple split too in summer 2015. Now a beauty is officially single. She lives alone in her huge mansion in Beverly Hills.

Jennifer Lawrence Houses

Beverly Hills Mansion – $7 million

Her first house Jennifer Lawrence bought in 2014. Earlier this property belonged to another actress – Jessica Simpson. The house is not extremely big, but cozy. It has two floors. The house is decorated in white colors. There are big soft sofas in the living room. The kitchen is of an average size and well-equipped, although the star is not fond of cooking. The house is surrounded by a small garden. There’s a swimming pool just in the yard, where the actress takes a swim from time to time. There’s a roomy garage just in front of the house, where an actress keeps her two cars.

Beverly Hills Mansion

Beverly Hills Mansion

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Beverly Hills Mansion

Jennifer Lawrence  Beverly Hills Mansion

Jennifer Lawrence Beverly Hills Mansion

Jennifer Lawrence Cars

Car – Chevy Volt – $33,000

Volkswagen Eos – $50,000

Jennifer Lawrence car

Jennifer Lawrence Volkswagen Eos

Jennifer Lawrence car

Jennifer Lawrence Chevy Volt

The actress is not fond of riding, but she drives from time to time. Two not big but quite fast cars suit her so much!

Jennifer Lawrence has earned a lot in her 25 – worldwide fame and a big net worth. But she is still alone. Probably, she will find her happiness soon.

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