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Jennifer Aniston’s mother left a famous daughter without inheritance

At the end of this May at the age of 79 Nancy Dow died, the mother of the famous Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston. The last 10 years there were very difficult relationships between mother and daughter— women did not talk to each other, and even on the secret wedding of the actress with Justin Theroux Nancy was not invited.

In one of the interviews, the actress admitted that her mother was constantly dissatisfied with her famous daughter and always criticized her. The warming of relations occurred after the divorce of Jen and Brad Pitt, but soon Nancy began to blame Jennifer, that she despised her ex-husband and did not give a birth to their children. The last straw in the relationship Nancy and Jen have become publicly the testimony of the women about his famous daughter.

Nance Dow, Jennifer Aniston

Nance Dow, Jennifer Aniston

Recently it became clear that the mother of Jennifer Aniston was expelled his daughter from the will. Moreover, the son of Nancy Dow did not receive anything from the estate of his mother. Everything was owned by Nancy will go to one of the relatives whose name is not specified yet.

Probably the star daughter is not too upset about it. A few years ago, Aniston was ranked the tenth in the list of the richest women according to Forbes. At that time her fortune was estimated at $ 110 millions. At the moment her capital is $ 150 million. As the daughter of the soap opera star (John Aniston, who starred in the TV series “Days of Our Lives”), Jennifer eclipsed her father, appearing in a comedy series «Friends» in the role of Rachel Green.

Jennifer Aniston, John Aniston, Nancy Dow

Jennifer Aniston, John Aniston, Nancy Dow

Aniston also helped earn Adam Sandler $212 millions for the film «Pretend My Wife» where he was also a producer.

While the tabloids are discussing personal life of Jennifer, little by little she proves that she is one of the few Hollywood stars who know how to run business.

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