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How rich is A.J Lee?

A.J Lee net worth

A.J Lee

A.J Lee net worth is $800.000

Date of Birth: 19 March, 1987 (Age: 26)

Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA

Nationality: American

Source of wealth: sport

A.J. Lee salary:

Per year: $104,300

Per month: $8,691

Per week: $2,172

Per day: $310

AJ Lee net worth

AJ Lee

A.J Lee is a professional wrestler, who tried to achieve everything by herself. Now she is a retired sportswoman, who has got a name and some influence and who had chosen family instead of rings.

She was the first woman to be given the Annual Superstar Challenge. After the event occurred Ms. Leenet appeared on the wave of her popularity, capturing not only critic’s attention, but also fans, gathering the huge crowds to support around the ring.

Besides, she was also named as Pro – Wrestling Illustrated Woman of The Year, according to the period from 2012 to 2014.

How much is A.J Lee worth?

This strong woman can be proud of nearly $800,000 state and more than $100,000 annual salary.

The biggest impact on a young lady, when she was in teens, made her brothers, who were keen on wrestling and who asked her to start visiting wrestling classes.

She even stopped studying in Tisch School of arts, but mostly it was because of financial difficulties in family. She began attending wrestling classes, together with working all day long to pay taxes for studying. But there she met a woman, who became her trainer and the main supporter.

Her name is Jay Lethal.

However, there was one more woman-wrestler in her life, who influenced much – Lita, a famous sportswoman, she asked her autograph once.

A.J Lee net worth

A.J Lee

Sources of wealth:

Championships: In 2007 Mrs. Lee became a member of Superstars with a surname Miss April.

In 2009 she participated in local Florida Championship with a name A.J. Lee. Her career steps were passing by quickly and in 2009 joined World Wrestling Entertainment. That year is known for one more event – A.J. received FCW Divas Championship (the prize is $100,000).

The next year was more productive even – taking part in WWE Divas Championship, she got 3 medals. Also young ex-wrestler is the owner of Slammy Award for Divas Championship.

In 2015 A.J. Lee announced about finishing sport way of life, competing and will no more appear on the ring.

The young woman lives with family in Chicago. The information she was dating with wrestlers was familiar, but soon A.J. said she going to get married. Finally she preferred family coziness to work.

There are no facts about the car she drives.

A.J Lee net worth

A.J Lee

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