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Holliday Grainger Net Worth

Holliday Grainger net worth is $5 million.Holliday Grainger

Date of Birth: 27 March, 1988

Nationality: English

Religion: Non Religious

She is known for her roles in historical dramas like “The Borgias”, “Anna Karenina” and “Jane Eyre”. Holliday Grainger heroines are always beautiful and noble old fashioned ladies. Probably, they suit her character – the actress is calm, stylish and full of dignity. At the same time she is very strong. To her 27 years old she managed to make a net worth of $5 million. But not everyone knows that Holliday Grainger came from a poor family and she could not get expensive things, being a child.

Holliday Grainger  Biography

Holliday Clark Grainger was born on the 27th of March in 1988. Her birthplace is Didsbury, England. Soon after her birth, Holliday’s father left the family. The girl lived with a single mother, Jan, who served as a graphic designer. Their family was quite poor as the father didn’t support them. At the same time Holliday’s mother earned enough to pay for the daughter’s education. The girl went in for ballet, took gymnastics classes and tried to develop her acting skills, taking part in school performances. At the age of 6 the beautiful girl was noticed by BBC scouts. Soon she got her first acting job. She played a small part in the comedy “All Quiet on the Preston Front”. At that age she had already known, she will become an actress.

 Holliday Grainger Holliday Grainger

But after school she entered Leeds University. She was going to get some serious profession as acting looked quite light minded for a girl. Suddenly Holliday Grainger was invited to play in “Waterloo Road”, TV series, produced by BBC. She dropped her studying and devoted herself to acting.

Although Holliday Grainger is a talented actress, she had to wait for long for her big break. She got her first serious role in 2009. She played Emily in “The Scouting Book for Boys”. The role was interesting and very complicated. The film was the debut of a young film director Tom Harper. The story about teenage friendship, love and pregnancy was shocking. At the same time many people worldwide watched it and valued it high. The young actress Holliday Grainger got positive reviews. Unfortunately she couldn’t compete with the talent of her partner, Thomas Turgoose, and that’s why this movie was rather his big break than hers.
Holliday Grainger

Nevertheless an actress got several interesting offers after the success of her Emily. Her next movie was a small role in “Jane Eyre”. She co-acted the stars Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. The actress was becoming successful. Her salary increased from one film to another.
Holliday Grainger

Holliday Grainger  Salary

Per year: $588, 000

Per month: $49, 000

Per week: $12, 250

Per day: $1, 750

The actress becomes the worldwide known celebrity. Holliday Grainger fan club is affordable online for those, who want to know the latest news about her. It is the best proof of her success and popularity. And Holliday’s income is one more thing that shows, the actress is appreciated by film producers too. Here are the most popular Holliday Grainger movies and TV shows and her payment for them.

  1. The Borgias – $150, 000 per episode

The role of beautiful little witch Lucrezia Borgia was one of the most favorite for an actress. She had an opportunity to watch the great play of her movie partners like Jeremy Irons and François Arnaud and learn from them. Holliday Grainger The Borgias were on air from 2011 to 2013.
Holliday Grainger

  1. Bonnie & Clyde – $300, 000

Holliday Grainger played the title role one more time. She was Bonnie Parker. She co-acted Emile Hirsch and Sarah Hyland. Holliday Grainger Bonnie and Clyde was valued high by her fans.
Holliday Grainger

  1. Cinderella – $146, 000

The small supporting role of Anastasia, the sister of the main heroine, was not the most successful in Holliday filmography. Nevertheless she could boast to co-act such stars as Lily James and Cate Blanchett.
Holliday Grainger

  1. The Riot Club – $400, 000

In fact, this movie was considered as a flop by critics.  Nevertheless, the actress got a great salary for her role and a chance for rehab in her next movie.
Holliday Grainger

  1. The Finest Hours – $875, 000

This movie has just appeared on the screens worldwide, but it is expected to become a real box office hit. Holliday Grainger tried her best on the screen as well as her co-stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster.
Holliday Grainger

Finest Hours: Holliday Grainger Exclusive Interview

Holliday Grainger  Personal Life

The actress is attractive; she is 27 already, so what about Holliday Grainger dating? Is she married? Does she have kids?

In fact, the actress is not married and she hasn’t become a mother yet. Now she is officially single. But she used to date many young talented actors. For example, Luke Bailey was Holliday Grainger boyfriend. She was also rumored to date the actors François Arnaud and Harry Treadaway.

Holliday Grainger  House

Holliday’s place of residence is her native England, although she spends a lot of time in USA, where she is busy with her acting job. She has no property and lives in her mother’s house. In 2012 the actress graduated from the Open University, where she got degree in English. She says, she is not going to devote her life to acting. Probably, at the next stage of her life she will try to do something else.

Holliday Grainger Cars

Unfortunately, there is no information about cars he has got.

Holliday Grainger Interview

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